Tessa Kuijl presented Taking into account non-traditional risk-drivers – a holistic climate change approach on December 9 at RiskMinds Insurance its Emerging risks & operational resilience stream.

Amongst others the following was addressed:

  • What are the main drivers of your company’s long-term sustainable economic capital generation?
  • What are the main risks and factors that diminish that ability?

During her presentation Tessa as well addressed questions from the audience like: “What would you recommend as the first step firms should do in steering their portfolios to investing in climate change scenarios?”, “Regarding your statement that climate-related risks are systemic (and therefore unhedgeable): Could you elaborate a bit more on why stock picking is not possible? Surely there stand to be winners when such risks materialize?” and “Global warming pathways - can you expand on this a little bit in regards to the transitions following Covid-19 recovery?”

Interested in learning more?

Download the full presentation here, or contact Tessa.

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