For a well-functioning real estate market, it is important to value your real estate in the most straightforward and transparent way possible. Real estate valuation is applied in various situations with different goals and therefore requires different methods.

Real Estate Valuation

Ortec Finance has been providing objective and reliable real estate valuations for over 25 years for WOZ objects, vacant objects and the market value of rented objects. We also provide comprehensive information on the development of prices at municipal, neighbourhood, and zip code level and for various home types.

In the Netherlands, over 70 municipalities with approximately 2 million objects, as well as all large valuation institutions and mortgage providers, commercial real estate investors, and housing associations rely on our services.

Why Municipalities choose Ortec Finance

  • A perfectly integrated and complete solution for real estate valuation
  • Proven solutions (widely used, reliable, good performance, certified)
  • Our customer-oriented and knowledgeable staff
  • Continuous improvement of our solutions through ongoing research
  • Financial forecasts as well as insight into financial risks

Different challenges, one solution

  • I want reliable project calculations
    I want to make project calculations that are controllable, manageable, uniform and free of errors.
  • I want insight into project cash flows
    I want to have a good insight into project cash flows so I can make better liquidity forecasts.
  • I want efficient exchange between systems
    I want to be able to exchange information efficiently between systems, as the results of investment calculations are important input for the long-term budget, reporting to regulators/financiers and the project administration.