Ortec Finance Canada is hosting their annual Asset Liability Management ("ALM") workshops. This year, the workshops are tailored to three different audiences and will take place in the second week of September in Toronto.



1. Asset Liability Management for executives ($625)

Monday, September 10th (9:00-12:00)
This workshop is intended for senior management and directors to gain insight on why ALM is so crucial in the decision making process from both investment and risk management perspective of total balance sheet. After this workshop participants will have a clear view on how our ALM software can significantly add value to their organization.

This workshop is led by our senior consultant, Matthijs van Santen, who specializes in advising clients in ALM, Investment and Risk management. He has over 6 years of experience working globally with various pension funds and asset managers.

Topics will include
1. Global ALM overview and best practices
2. Assessment of different investment strategies (includes illiquid asset classes)
3. Stress-scenario’s testing with real world examples (Brexit, Euro-breakup)
4. Strategic liquidity management


2. GLASS workshop: Investment Analysis for intermediate users ($625)

Tuesday, September 11th (9:00-12:00)
This is a practical workshop intended for frequent and/or experienced users of GLASS. After this workshop the participants will have gained more insight on how to best  incorporate economic assumptions that differ from the Ortec Base Set. Participants also will gain insight on how Ortec Finance would perform an investment analysis for our clients.

This workshop is led by Matthijs van Santen, along with our local consultant, Julia Yoo, who specializes in ALM, Client Relations and GLASS customization in Canada and US. 

Topics will include: 
1. Best ways to incorporate economic views. 
2. Investigating alternate strategies with regards to:
o Investment strategies
o Interest rate hedging
o Currency hedging


3. GLASS workshop: training for new users($1250)

Wednesday, September 12th (9:00-5:00)
This workshop is intended to provide new users a better understanding of our software. It provides both a broad overview of the model and practical model implementations. After this workshop the participants will be able to model and analyse different investment strategies and be able to assess the impact with various outputs from GLASS. 

This workshop is led by Julia Yoo.
Topics will include: 
1. General discussion about ALM and its uses.
2. The types of analysis GLASS is able to handle to assist the user such as Optimization and Risk monitoring. 
3. A practical guide on how to implement the different modules.

Practical Information

The deadline for registration is August 31st. All the prices are in CAD excluding VAT.

The workshops will be held at the Ortec Finance Toronto Office: 250 University Avenue - Suite 200

Registration starts at 8:30. For the GLASS training for new users workshop, laptops are required. If you would like to use Ortec Finance's laptop for the workshop, please let us know in advance.


You can register for one or multiple workshops here.