Elske van de Burgt, Managing Director Investment Performance, is participating in Fund Business’s 2nd Risk and Performance Summit digital forum panel on the role of performance attribution during COVID-19 forced portfolio rebalancing.

On September 8 the panel will discuss the role of performance attribution in helping to optimize rebalancing decisions. The spike in market volatility caused by COVID-19 has forced many investment managers to rebalance their portfolios in extremely challenging market conditions, but this can have significant implications for the performance of these portfolios.

The panel will be chaired by Nick Morton from Resonant Asset Management, other panel members are Mike Aked from Research Affiliates and Emma James from Funds SA.

The panel will address questions as: “How can performance teams adequately measure the impact of individual rebalancing decisions on returns”, “How can investors align ex-post performance attribution with ex-ante risk analysis”, and “What lessons can be learnt from the recent crisis.”

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More info on the 2nd Risk and Performance Summit, agenda and tickets here.

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