Managing Director Ortec-Finance Investment Performance, Elske van de Burgt, spoke about the PEARL decision-based attribution implementation at AustralianSuper together with Trent Brandie, Head of Performance & Attribution Manager at AustralianSuper, in Sydney at iParm end of November. One day earlier, Van de Burgt explained why high configurability of your investment performance and attribution software is key for making the best investment decisions.

“Configuration is key”

“A high-end system with a mediocre configuration results in, at best, mediocre performance analytics and probably maladjusted investment decisions”, says Van de Burgt when asked about the importance of flexibility of vendor configuration. “That is why we choose to be the most configurable investment performance solution on the market. With PEARL our clients are able to configure everything themselves, resulting in the best insights. Through intuitive wizards, configuration is done without programming - with or without our assistance.

During iParm’s panel session ‘Software package solutions under the microscope’ Van de Burgt answered several other questions:

On ‘How do you rate the importance of input data management & validation to implementation risk and operational effectiveness?' Van de Burgt replied: “High importance. Garbage in is garbage out. Our clients can only excel in their operations if their decisions are based upon accurate, cleaned and always available input. Our PEARL solution is built around being able to perfectly manage input data and includes extensive data checking capabilities.”  

The audience asked questions about types and depth of analysis as well. Van de Burgt reiterated that: “PEARL is recognized in the market as having the best available analytics functionality, besides strong data management and extensive reporting functionality.

On ‘Are software vendors more pro-active or reactive to clients’ needs in providing solutions?’ Van de Burgt replied: “Ortec continuously engages with clients on what additional functionality could serve their needs and feeds this back to product development. Our highly valued, specialized, service teams who work closely with clients on configuration and maintain frequent contact during operational phases, are a rich source of information for fine-tuning our solutions”.

Decision-based attribution implementation at AustralianSuper

Trent Brandie and Elske van de Burgt introduced a case to the audience describing how Ortec Finance’s PEARL helped AustralianSuper, dubbed ‘Implementing decision-based attribution at a Super Fund’. Brandie elaborated on the importance for Super Funds, like AustralianSuper, to implement decision-based attribution, as well as how to go about doing so. Brandie, amongst others, underlined the gravity of this aspect in order to improve investment decision-making: “Decision-based attribution should be integrated in your risk management process.” 

Full presentation (pdf)

Ortec Finance Investment Performance will open their Melbourne office early in 2020.

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