At Central Banking’s National Asset-Liability Management Global Virtual, Tessa Kuijl presents a case study with best practices on ALM, SAA and integrating climate change related financial risks and opportunities.

What does the future of the global financial system look like? is what Central Banking’s virtual event, held from October 26-29, addresses in its keynote presentation. Ortec Finance contributes to this 4-day event with a casy study presented by Tessa Kuijl including some best practises. During her presentation she will address the following topics:

  • What can central banks learn from best practices for SAA and ALM at pension and insurance companies?
  • Steering on Central Bank specific objectives and risk metrics (e.g. total portfolio size)
  • The added value of realistic multi-period risk and return scenarios for ALM
  • Integrating climate change related financial risks and opportunities in ALM.

Full program to be found here.

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