Ortec Finance develops applications for housing associations to help them manage their real estate portfolio. The housing associations have to make decisions on continuation of exploitation, renovation, sale or demolition of the houses they own. The whole process is called asset management for housing associations. Based on housing characteristics such as the current yield, the state of maintenance, the satisfaction level of tenants, contribution to social goals, our software gives insight on the decisions to be made.

The research works towards our end goal to create an artificial intelligence (AI) based assistant that uses using machine learning and new human computer interface innovations. Based on student and requirements we can tailor the topic to include a selection of following research directions.

Machine Learning

With machine learning we want to suggest decisions on continuation of exploitation, renovation, sale or demolition that increase tenant satisfactory. For this, we can use an in-house dataset containing housing characteristics and planned decisions. Our clients have data on tenant satisfactory and the construction of a suitable dataset will be part of the project.

Human-computer interaction

With human computer interfaces (HCI), we want to develop new ways to extract information from our system. It should give answers to questions of the user. Examples are:

  • Interaction through speech and gestures. For this we have hardware such as a hololens and Amazon Echo available.
  • Monitor how well users are on track with their goals and give notify the user based on that. For this, we want to experiment with progressive web apps.

Ortec Finance R&D Labs

Supervision will be provided by Ortec Finance R&D labs. We have broad range of expertise available in both the academic and IT fields to give students to supervision they need to make this project into a success.

What we are looking for

We are looking for students in the field of IT (IT, Artificial Intelligence), that love to do research on innovative topics. For the data-driven assignments understanding of machine learning techniques such as neural networks. For the HCI assignment strong web-development skills are required.

What we offer

We offer a challenging and inspiring work environment with excellent career opportunities in both specialized positions and management. The exact scope of the thesis will be discussed before the thesis starts, we are flexible when it comes to the exact scope and topic. Ortec Finance gives you the opportunity to combine IT, mathematical models and specific market knowledge in your work.

In addition, we will provide:

  • Required development tools
  • Office-space in Rotterdam or Amsterdam
  • Guidance from Ortec Finance Tech Labs

What we need from you

To take your application in to account, we would like to receive several documents from you:

  • An up to date CV
  • Your motivation for Ortec Finance and this assignment
  • Information about the requirements in terms of start date, period etc.
  • List of marks

We are looking forward to your application!

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