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Thesis topic

Thesis topic to research architectural and DevOps problems for web-applications. Main areas of research include: serverless computing, cloudg computing, immutable infrastructure, containers, microservices and continuous deployment. We are open to related topics The exact scope of the thesis will be discussed before the thesis starts, we are flexible when it comes to the exact scope and topic. Ortec Finance gives you the opportunity to combine IT, mathematical models and specific market knowledge in your work. In Addition, we will provide:

  • Required development tools
  • Accounts for services required during the research (AWS or Azure for instance)
  • Office-space in Rotterdam or Amsterdam
  • Guidance from Ortec Finance Tech Labs

For the real estate market we develop applications that help housing associations with their strategy and financial reporting. The complete suite of applications consists of several applications (or modules) written in various languages that communicate with each other through web-calls. We want the platform to scale well, be easy to deploy and giving the user the idea that it’s all one application instead of several. This poses several problems when it comes to the architecture of the software modules and the methods and tooling used to deploy and maintain the infrastructure of the platform. We want to research how new technologies can help us with these challenges.

Required Knowledge

The thesis topics are both heavy on the development as well as infrastructure side. Relevant knowledge regarding the topic you would like to research, or the motivation and know-how to gain the knowledge will be necessary.

What can you expect from Ortec Finance

Ortec Finance helps clients to make better investment decisions. We support pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, banks, asset managers, financial planners and real estate managers across the globe. We understand what is going on in the market and in the industry sector in which our clients operate. We translate this knowledge and understanding in very advanced models and in solutions that can always – we guarantee it – be implemented. Ortec Finance operates in dynamic markets that have great social relevance and impact. Because we deliver the high-quality solutions these markets demand, our organization evolves in the process. This creates opportunities for our employees. We offer you plenty of room to fully apply your talents and highly value an enterprising spirit.

Our organization is not very hierarchical and rests on many independent, highly-educated employees who invest in their careers. Our corporate culture is open and informal: we are always receptive to good ideas. New employees will be given responsibilities immediately. You will have room to develop yourself, but will be personally and actively mentored in the process. At Ortec Finance you can transfer to other positions in different countries, or you can choose for a more specialized career.

What we need from you

To take your application in to account, we would like to receive several documents from you:

  • An up to date CV
  • Your motivation for Ortec Finance and this assignment
  • Information about the requirements in terms of start date, period etc.
  • List of marks

More information or to apply?

For more information regarding this position please contact Anne van der Ven at +31 (0)10 – 700 50 00.

To apply, please use the top right application button to send us your cover letter, transcript and resume.

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