After I graduated from the VU University Amsterdam in 2021 for my Master STREEM, Real Estate Economics and Finance, the search for a job in the same field began. This resulted in the opportunity to work as a Junior Consultant Real Estate Valuation at Ortec Finance, which I gladly accepted.

From the first day on at Ortec Finance I felt really welcome and was accompanied by friendly colleagues. The vibe is very social and helpful in my team, which contributed to feeling part of the company. I was guided intensively by knowledgeable and helpful colleagues during the first weeks. This resulted in a good start of my full-time working life which I now benefit from.

I have met a lot of new people, not only my direct colleagues. I have also met a lot of colleagues from other departments. Even though they are not involved in my daily work, I still speak to them occasionally, including a number of colleagues who started on the same day as I did. It is great to share experiences with each other and learn new things from each other.

What I like most about my job

I really enjoy the informal (and personal!) working atmosphere. Every day I experience a genuine flat organization. I work in a multidisciplinary team with colleagues having different however complementary skills, where we work towards a shared goal. This basic principle makes my work very satisfying. Every potential hurdle I meet during a project is taken care of rapidly. There is always somebody in the team who makes time and has the capability to help me and find a solution together. I absolutely experience no barrier whenever I want to pose a question to one of my colleagues.

In the very first month I was able to contribute to the implementation of our main product for a couple of new clients. Because of this early adoption of the implementation process, I’m already capable of carrying out parts of this process autonomously. Currently I’m already responsible for the implementation of our product at our newest client.

How we help our clients

We help our clients by offering objective and reliable valuations of their real estate portfolios. We do this by offering them our software combined with training and guidance. Furthermore, we offer support and analytics. We do not only value real estate for the purpose of annual reports, forms or financial accounts. We also provide financial insights of real estate portfolio valuation and its performances over time.

How I am able to reach my personal goals

I think both a positive mindset and proactivity are very important to reach my personal goals. One of my personal goals is to keep learning, growing and to become a specialized consultant in Real Estate Valuation. Because I’m surrounded by many experienced colleagues, I’m able to learn a lot from them. Besides this, we value evaluating of - and reflecting on our achievements, combined with structured shaping and planning of our future goals.

Aris Krasniqi
Junior Consultant Real Estate Valuation

The Real Estate Valuation department

Real Estate Valuation has been providing objective and reliable real estate valuations for over 25 years. With our advanced technological solutions, we support real estate investors, municipalities, housing associations, banks and appraisers in valuing their real estate. With over 4 million real estate valuations per year, Ortec Finance is the largest supplier of valuation software in the Netherlands. The department consists of about 30 consultants and software developers.

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