What I most like in my job

When I started at Ortec Finance in 2019, it felt like I came home: my team gave me such a warm welcome. I was extremely motivated to learn everything that crossed my path, and even though I had not that much experience in programming, they immediately trusted me to do work I had never done before. This made me even more eager to learn everything about software developing. I knew software developing contains much more than just coding, but I did not know exactly what it contained. Exploring this meant that my personal goals changed over time. From the start my coach and I planned a learning path that suited my dreams. Still, whenever my dreams change due to new things I see in daily work, my coach helps me to adjust my learning path so I can reach these dreams. 

What I did not expect to learn that fast

The warm welcome and secure environment not only gave me the opportunity to grow my technical development skills, it provides me a safe environment to develop my social skills as well. I never thought that already after one year I would feel secure enough to argue with colleagues who are a lot more experienced, but I do.

How we have helped our customer

Achieving improvements on my passion, coding, as well as on my social skills, means a lot to me. And, while improving myself in these areas, I’m also helping asset managers of housing associations to spend less time in arguing if policies fit their company mission. The good thing is they now spend more time improving the living environment of their tenants and are contributing to reduce climate change by upgrading the energy labels.

Brenda van Hal

Brenda van Hal
Junior Software Developer Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

Ortec Finance has been supporting housing associations for over 30 years with software, advisory services, and training. We excel in vision, expertise, knowledge of the market, high-quality service, and flexibility. In the Netherlands, 280 housing associations with around 2.1 million objects use our services. 
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