My name is Guy Gerards. I work at Ortec Finance for 2 years now. Fresh from university, in a pre-COVID age, I started working as a trainee in the Investment Performance (IP) department. I looked forward to expand my knowledge of the financial sector and particularly of the investment decisions large institutional investors make and how to measure and attribute their performance in meaningful ways.

My traineeship

As a trainee in the IP department, there was a lot of information to digest. The learning curve I experienced was fairly steep. Being motivated and eager to learn, to me it was a driver to get into the office each day and learn more of the system and its uses. A common remark within IP is that you will never cease to learn new things from PEARL, our performance measurement & attribution software, even after years of working with it.

Unique and very valuable during my traineeship was to experience how each of the three teams operate, via really being part of each team for some months. Experiencing the differences as well as similarities across the teams, made me connect the dots much faster. Applying the knowledge gained from working in one team to my activities in another team was the most rewarding part of the traineeship. Also, the mentality and willingness to help each other across the three teams, is something that made me feel very comfortable.

Guy Gerards

Guy Gerards
Former trainee, Consultant Investment Performance

How we help our clients

In implementing our performance system PEARL at new clients, the ultimate goal, is to get a performance system up and running that offers the client a lot of confidence and flexibility in their performance metrics. Clients also appreciate the possibility that PEARL can be customized to tailor their specific needs. Translating such requests into feasible solutions can be a challenging, but very rewarding process!

What I like most about my job

What I like most about my job is that every day is different and always offers another challenge to tackle. From the start I was given the freedom to explore and learn things on my own, but always was offered guidance to stay on track. There is a great drive within the team to support each other. I really like the working atmosphere within Ortec Finance; the open people and structure of the company allow you to develop yourself and come up with new ideas.

How I am able to reach my personal goals

In terms of my personal goals and development, I feel that Ortec Finance offers me plenty of opportunities to express interests in “extracurricular” activities, such as pursuing a CFA certificate, or even (temporarily) working abroad in one of our other offices. Working as a consultant tends to draw me out of a comfort zone when communicating with clients and therefore it helps me to improve on other skills too! As a personal goal I have always said that I want to continue learning after my university period. Working at Ortec Finance has definitely offered me this opportunity, in every way.

The Investment Performance department

Ortec Finance’s Investment Performance team offers financial institutions insights into the results of their investments at overall level and at each separate investment decision via its state of the art PEARL platform and fully outsourced Investment Performance Service.

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Did Guy’s story trigger your enthusiasm for the IP traineeship? Don’t hesitate to apply here or contact Guy via LinkedIn if you have any questions for him. Interested in working at Ortec Finance? Check out our vacancies!

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