My name is Linda Knoester. I started working at Ortec Finance 2 years ago. Before I started, I had no idea what it would be like. I did not know anything about financial models. The reason why I started to work with Ortec Finance was the chance to apply my environmental science knowledge in practical tools: I like the combination of using the latest scientific insights, working on technical modelling, and being in direct contact with clients. What is most important to me is to contribute to positive change: our goal is to wake up investors to the risks of climate change and motivate them to invest in sustainable solutions.

How we help our clients

The first project I was involved in was an innovation project together with colleagues from different teams, pilot clients, financial stakeholders and researchers. By involving clients, we got to understand what it is exactly that they are interested in and what they need. The academics focused on the most relevant research questions. We in turn translated this into practical tools for our clients. With this collaborative approach, I think we can get the best results for our clients in the most efficient and effective way.

What I like most about my job

What I like most about my job is working together in an interdisciplinary team on subjects that are completely new and innovative. What gives me energy is that everyone in our team is super motivated to make a difference and to support each other. I value the quality of the work of Ortec Finance as a whole; we work with complex solutions, everyone has a lot of knowledge. I feel very comfortable with the company values; Ortec Finance is independent, relatively non-hierarchical and encourages personal development and cooperation.

What I did not expect to learn that fast

Within my second month of working with Ortec Finance I attended a 3 day conference in Budapest on the integration of ESG in quantitative financial modelling. I was surprised at how much I already understood and how I could already speak with financial experts and clients. This is an example of how we learn by doing and are often ‘thrown in the deep end’ in our team. The variety of our work and puzzling things together is what always keeps it interesting!


Linda Knoester
Consultant Climate & ESG solutions

Climate & ESG solutions

Ortec Finance’s Climate & ESG team creates solutions that enable financial institutions to integrate climate change and ESG driven financial risks and opportunities into investment decision-making.

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