Disrupt or be disrupted: Data Analytics is here to help

Just as electricity transformed many industries roughly 100 years ago, Machine learning, Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Cognitive and Workflow automation will also change nearly every major industry (e.g. Healthcare, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Telco). At the same time it will enrich the lives of countless people.  

Data Analytics is more than ever excited to show you where all this can take us. We assist companies in their digital transformation process with our Data Strategy Consulting Group (DSCG). We also support our customers with state-of-the-art data science techniques to deliver their data-driven business cases. And those customers who want to learn the necessary skills themselves we educate to cope with today's Data Science challenges in our Data Learning Center (DLC). Building on the domain knowledge of our customers, we help them realize the objectives of their digital transformation process.

Strategic Data Consulting

Gathering, cleaning and enrichment of data is one part. The hard part is sifting through the data and creating meaningful insights. Helping you make better predictions and decisions, lowering cost and creating profitable products and services. Being successful in the implementation of data analytics solutions is as much about leadership as it is about technology. Companies and their management need to take a more evidence-based approach, instead of making decisions based on intuition. This will drive change in the rest of the organization and foster a data-driven culture. But where to start? With our Data Strategy Consulting approach we guide you through this process from start to finish.


Our data analytics projects always start with a business case. It captures the reasons for the initiative and should be in support of a specific business need. Creativity is essential in this phase and together with you we formulate the most compelling case that adds maximum value. We collect data from internal and external sources, including social media, or obtain data through web scraping. After collecting the data we wrangle it by cleaning and reshaping it into a readily usable format that can be analysed. Through an exploratory analysis we extract features in usable formats. Then a machine learning model is built that learns from experience (data) and gets better with new experiences (data). We communicate the final result, e.g. a predictive model, and once you have authorised it we implement the solution together.

Data Science

Our data scientists offer you the opportunity to optimize your business activities with insights based on data. Data science is developing so fast that it is important to know what opportunities machine learning, blockchain, IoT, AI, cognitive automation, and robotics have to offer. To make sure we keep in touch with data science developments, we increase our knowledge with relevant techniques through academic research. Our data scientists work with state-of-the-art technology and on the most exciting business challenges. They operate independent of any platform or infrastructure and with all available tools from IBM, Microsoft, Google and open source (R, Python, SPARK). By doing so we are able to offer you the best value/cost solutions.

Data Learning Center

Our Data Learning Center (DLC) has different programs to support your organization in becoming data driven. Through a one or two-day data leadership program and depending of your requirements, we teach you how to develop a data strategy across the entire organisation, including a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish and how to implement it. In our one-day "Creative Garage" workshop you identify your most compelling data-driven business cases. Our standard data science courses for beginners, intermediate level, and experts can also be adapted to your personal needs. We offer courses in analytics tools from Microsoft, Google, IBM and several open sources. Our DLC manager will gladly discuss whether our standard program fulfils your needs or whether a customized program better suits your business goals.

The benefits of data-based insights are:

  • Substantial cost reductions.
  • Development of data products.
  • Development of data services.
  • The use of data-based prediction in every element of your operation.

Data analytics in Finance

How the financial industry can benefit from data-based insights
Disrupting or being disrupted is a constant factor in the financial industry, which has always been a highly competitive business environment. Staying on top means you need to innovate, use the ability to predict the future, and align business processes with tomorrow’s customer needs. As a Data Science company, Data Analytics works closely together with major financial organizations to ensure they can compete in today's as well as tomorrow’s business environment.


Data Analytics in the insurance industry

Predicting the future to ensure a profitable business
The insurance industry is all about risk classification and underwriting. By using big data and machine learning, insurers are able to make better risk predictions, improve their underwriting and pricing, and thereby enhance their combined ratio. Data Analytics is building these models to ensure profitability in all chosen markets and customer segments.


Data Analytics in Healthcare

From reducing costs and improving work procedures to the best patient care
The impact of Big Data is enormous in Healthcare. The opportunities for reducing costs and thus improving profitability or quality, are endless. Predicting epidemics, curing illness, improving quality of life, or advising better treatments are just some of the benefits. Data Analytics invests heavily in the possibilities of Healthcare analytics.

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