The need to understand and explain sources of (excess) performance is increasingly important for Asset Managers. They must demonstrate their expertise in comparison with rival managers in a market where profit margins are decreasing. For performance teams this means they need to have a solution in place that is capable of accurately modelling different investment approaches and calculating detailed analyses down to the security level. And this has to be done in a cost-efficient way. Ortec Finance offers you their Strategic Asset Management for Asset Managers.

Enhance your performance by mastering the complexity of investment decision making

Asset Managers need to demonstrate their expertise to clients that have an increasing demand for more detailed and appropriate reports. At the same time the internal organization needs accurate and timely information to monitor investment decisions and strategies. The PEARL attribution model, combined with our team of highly qualified specialists, gives performance teams an efficient tool to provide all end users with valuable insights into their portfolios, while facing the growing complexity of investment strategies and client demands.

Valuable Insights

Due to the greater need for transparency, it is  increasingly important to evaluate and monitor all investment decisions, down to the most detailed levels. This process must be accurate and timely, so that the internal organization and clients feel confident that they have access to the correct information, the moment they need it. This includes GIPS reports for marketing purposes. Our solution allows Asset Managers and their clients to remain in control and it is the best possible starting point to improve investment decisions.

Qualified Specialists

Ortec Finance has been providing Performance Measurement and Attribution solutions for over two decades with a highly skilled and specialized team of professionals. We have a global client base with leading asset managers and institutional investors. This ensures that we have a thorough understanding of your business and the challenges asset managers and their clients are facing. This translates into continuousimprovement of our solutions to keep up with technology and market demands. We are committed to making every implementation a success story and have an excellent track record.

Growing Complexity of Investment Decisions

The overlay managed by the asset allocation team, sector bets by an equity manager, hedging of currency exposures or the high yield pushed for by the fixed income manager –these are some examples of typical investment decisions that need to be evaluated. Besides these traditional decisions, there is a rapid growth of complex derivative and overlay strategies, factor allocations and investments in private markets. Ortec Finance has developed a superior attribution model for top-down decisions that can be combined with numerous bottom-up asset class-specific attribution models. As a result, performance teams have an adequate solution in place that enables them to handle the growing complexity of investment decisions.

Efficient Tool

Our unique approach is available by licensing our (hosted) PEARL software. PEARL is a specialized solution that seamlessly integrates with any existing infrastructure via API and ETL functionality. Our self-service reporting tool gives end users direct access to the results in a flexible format including full look-through. This enables Asset Managers to deliver faster and decrease response times for additional output requests. The software comes with an intuitive web-based user interface for data management, configuration and workflow support. PEARL is based on a solid software architecture to handle large amounts of data in an efficient way.

More about PEARL

Key characteristics of our solution

Deploy a single solution to analyse both single-asset and multi-asset portfolios

  • All asset classes on a single platform; extensive library of output measures
  • Combine bottom-up and top-down attribution models in a consistent way
  • Local installation or hosted in the Ortec Finance Cloud

Improve relationships with clients and other stakeholders

  • Demonstrate and explain added value of investment process
  • Flexible and reliable web-based reporting, with full drill downs
  • Dashboards, templates, favourites and GIPS reporting

Automate workflow management and operate cost-efficiently

  • Operational dashboard visualizing the production process
  • Data validation and reconciliation with full audit trail
  • Fully scalable to handle large data volumes

Benefit from our market expertise and team of specialists

  • Full implementation services and excellent track-record
  • Excellent client support, highly rated by our clients
  • Continuous research and product development

Different challenges, one solution

  • Investment simulation software
  • Evaluation of strategic risks
  • Evaluation of investment decisions
  • Manage complexity of investment decisions

I need to model asset classes and investment strategies based on stochastic economic scenarios, in order to define an efficient investment strategy

For this purpose, Ormetrics offers investment simulation software (GLASS), including the Dynamic Scenario Generator for stochastic scenario simulation. This enables replicating integrated long and short term financial and economic risks and returns to support both investment decision making and strategic risk management in a consistent way.

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We need to regularly evaluate the strategic risks their plan faces, driven by changes in financial position or market circumstances

Ormetrics Risk Navigator service provides insight in  relevant questions for pension funds and fits seamlessly in the overall Strategic Risk Management process. It covers the feedback loop of evaluation of the specific pension fund objectives and risk appetite, as formulated in the ALM phase.

More on Risk Navigator

I need to evaluate the impact of all investment decisions whether positive or negative, complex or simple

Ormetrics has been providing performance attribution and risk solutions for over two decades to its leading global clients. Our solutions evaluate the impact of all investment decisions whether positive or negative, complex or simple.

More on PEARL

I need help to manage the complexity of our investment decisions

As an independent specialist, Ormetrics designs, builds, and applies solutions for (dynamic) investment strategies, ex-ante and ex-post risk management and performance measurement and risk attribution.

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