Climate MAPS screenThe dangers of lagging behind a more sustainable future are clearer than ever, and pension boards are demanding answers for how to move ahead and understand the policy drivers, as well as critical technologies to transition successfully to a low-carbon world.

Climate MAPS quantifies your pension fund’s exposure to systemic climate-related financial risks & opportunities across different climate scenarios.

The Climate MAPS solution equips pension funds with climate-informed risk-return metrics, including in absolute dollar value, that quantify exposure to systemic climate risks & opportunities across asset classes, regions, sectors, and holdings. This enables pension funds to integrate climate risk into risk-management, strategic asset allocation and asset liability management for investment decision-making.

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Applications include:

  • Climate-aware risk management: Quantify the impacts of climate-risks at the total portfolio, asset classes, sectors, countries & holdings level
  • Increase portfolio resilience to climate-risk and the potential to benefit from climate opportunities
  • Develop products that take systemic climate- risk into account
  • Educate and raise awareness of stakeholders to climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Fulfill forward-looking scenario-based climate risk disclosure requirements in line with regulatory guidelines.

GLASS for Pension Funds

Take your pension fund’s climate change-informed scenarios to the next level with GLASS, our one-stop shop software for Asset Liability Management and Strategic Risk Management.

Based on a total balance sheet approach, GLASS improves financial decision-making by simulating the short and long-term effects of strategic investment and funding policy decisions. It facilitates ALM, short-term risk monitoring, the optimization of investment policies and risk factor decomposition.

Strategic policy framework
Quantify your long and short-term risk-budget and optimize your investment strategy and funding policies.
Strategic risk management
Manage your strategic risks by monitoring your forward-looking long and short-term risk budgets.
Consistent and granular modeling
Consistent assets and liability modeling with integration of your local regulatory framework. The platform is highly configurable, enabling both high-level and granular modeling options.
Economic Scenario Generator
High-quality Economic Scenario Generator which includes more than 600 variables of both public and private asset classes across all major regions.

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