Our economic and asset return scenarios: the result of 30 years of innovation

Starting from the very first versions of 30 years ago, our economic and asset return scenarios are a prime example of continuous innovation. The difference between the very first version of our scenarios and the most recent ones is of course immense. However, our way of working in all these years has not changed: we continuously improve and expand our scenarios based on our latest research, the experience of applying the scenarios and the growing and changing demands put on the scenarios by our clients. 

This always has been, and always will be, a consistent and stable innovation process in which new versions of our scenario methodology encompass earlier versions, rather than one in which we start off in a completely new direction every now and then. Over the years, this process has led to many groundbreaking innovations that are now the cornerstone of our economic and asset return scenarios.

And of course it doesn’t end here. Our way of working over the past 30 years that has worked so well will continue to yield many innovations to enable our clients to better manage the complexity of investments decision making.


Hens Steehouwer
Head of Research
+31 10 700 54 24