Hacking tomorrow’s technologies in Finance

Ortec Finance's Tech Labs is a technical innovation center where we work and experiment with new IT techniques and concepts in order to research their applicability in finance. We collaborate with students, academics, and external parties to design the future of financial decision making.

Tech Labs is our central ‘tech pillar’ that ensures we take proper care of the tech side of things in everything we do at Ortec Finance. This includes making major architectural decisions, assisting in the development of product increments, focusing on non-functional aspects, and organizing events to share knowledge.

Tech Labs ensures the future-proofness of our software solutions by

  • Putting theory into practice by prototyping state-of-the-art technologies in the financial domain.
  • Maintaining strong ties with top technical universities, which puts us in the front seat for new technical developments.
  • Collaborating with leading industry partners to prototype applications with new technologies for current market needs.


We believe that blockchain will have a serious impact on the financial world. At Tech Labs we aim to help democratize risk management for robotised financial services and contribute to its global standard, e.g. by looking into the possibilities of smart contracts.

User Experience (UX)

As an expert provider of investment decision technology, we design user interfaces for our models that suit the user’s needs. We also focus on making them accessible to non-expert users. Additionally, we investigate alternatives to mouse & click interfaces and the potential added value of mixed reality on investment decision making.

Artificial Intelligence

The field of machine learning is not (yet) widely used and accepted in financial risk management. Regulators often require a high level of economic interpretability in risk management models. Our current research is mainly focused on balancing interpretability with model accuracy using econometric, statistical, and machine learning tools.

Software Technologies

High Performance Computing TEXT: Ortec Finance delivers computationally intensive simulation models that require a lot of data. There is an increasing need for speed. Clients desire real-time services while data volumes grow. At Tech Labs we work and experiment with cutting-edge technologies in this field: GPU computing, many-core processors, and distributed programming models that use a serverless or container-based architecture.

Cyber Security

Nowadays most of our clients prefer care-free SAAS solutions that are hosted outside their premises. Applications run on private or hybrid clouds and often need to be connected to the client's user management systems. Security is essential for both the application software and the used infrastructure.

(Micro)Service-Oriented Architecture

Markets and clients demand change, while technology makes it easier to combine the best components from multiple vendors into a holistic solution. In order to adapt quickly while maintaining our added value, we define core services that can be used in multiple solutions. Both in UI or in API form, as a stand-alone product, or as part of a broader solution.


  • How will blockchain impact the pension fund business?
  • Can we preserve economic interpretability in our models while deploying machine learning techniques?
  • Will embedded chatbots enhance the usability of your (robot) advice platform?
  • How can we provide lightning-fast risk management simulations to both institutional and private investors?


Joris Cramwinckel
+31 10 700 54 12
Mike Markus
Chapter Lead
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