Starting with the 2016 annual accounts, all housing associations are obliged to value their real estate according to the market value in rented condition as described in the 'Manual model-based valuations market value'. Although this manual stipulates a large number of input parameters of the market value, housing corporations are allowed to manage the level of the market value of a building complex using the so-called 'degrees of freedom'. Ortec Finance Automated Valuation Model (AVM) supports determination of the degrees of freedom 'empty value’ and ‘market rent'.

Insight into market rents and empty values

Ortec Finance AVM is an online application that allows you to efficiently and accurately determine the market-oriented empty values and market rents of your real estate. AVM offers the possibility to determine this for both a single property and a complete portfolio. In addition, it is possible to query empty values and market rents from the past. You can query an unlimited amount of data. It is therefore no longer necessary to use a valuer for every valuation. In addition to determining the empty values and market rents, AVM provides insight into the quality of your property values and the risks of overvaluation or undervaluation. This allows you to make better decisions to mitigate those risks. In addition, you can use AVM to understand different housing trends.

Reliable model

Statistically and scientifically speaking, Ortec Finance AVM is the most reliable valuation model in the Netherlands. It is therefore recognized by regulators, mortgage lenders, the valuation industry and accountants.

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Key Features

  • Independent and directly available online property valuations

  • Associations can operate Ortec Finance AVM independently

  • Support for determination of empty values and market rents

  • Access to (data) quality, reliability and consistency

  • Unlimited queries

  • Can be used for determining WOZ-values and physical valuations

  • Scientifically warranted model quality

  • Option of to provide realized reference sales as extra information

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