What is the Navigator?

The Navigator is an online monitoring, reporting and analysis tool which helps you determine if your investment strategy is on track, uncovers investment risks and opportunities and provides alternative investment scenarios for you to consider. In essence, it helps you tell your investment story. The Navigator can be used by multiple departments of a pension funds: from the analyst to the fund manager to senior leadership.

We have used the latest visualization tools to allow your data to come to life and have structured this as a series of easy to use, affordable, online modules. The engine powering the Navigator is our GLASS software and our Ortec Finance economic scenarios - OFS.

"No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story."

Daniel Kahneman

See the Navigator in action


Navigator at a glance

  • Compare
  • Identify
  • Visualize
  • Monitor

Compare your current asset allocation to your strategic asset allocation as well as allocation ranges

Navigator compare

Identify alternate asset class combinations that optimally deliver on client specified metrics

Navigator identify

Visualize risk decomposition metrics and investigate how these evolve over time

Navigator visualize

Monitor your assets, liabilities and funding level over time and analyse projections interactively

Navigator monitor

Some of the Navigator features

Navigator feature 1 Interactive, real-time, visually appealing reporting, analysis & projections of funding levels, liabilities, assets and risks
Navigator feature 2 Monitoring of both short term tactical and long term strategic metrics
Navigator feature 3 Quickly cycle through and compare previous and current reports
Navigator feature 4 Clients can configure their own dashboard and determine their key metrics and frequency of reporting
Navigator feature 5 Affordable modules means any size client can now get access to our industry leading modeling technology (GLASS) - traditionally used by the largest and most sophisticated asset owners globally


Additional modules to be launched soon

Navigator feature 6 Climate modeling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Navigator feature 7 Daily monitoring of assets and funding levels 


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