Housing associations have a social task to fulfill. The fulfillment of this task is largely done through real estate. Real estate is thus the means to achieve the social objectives. In this context, resources are limited and must be used as purposefully and efficiently as possible.

For many years, we have been the market leader in portfolio management and asset management in the housing association sector with Ortec Finance SBI and Ortec Finance AM. SBI stood for Strategic Policy Instrument and AM was our solution for asset management. These two proven solutions have now been combined into one solution: Ortec Finance SAM. This way the processes can be coordinated even better.

SAM supports corporations in drawing up the strategic portfolio policy for the next 10 to 15 years. You can easily and quickly calculate the transformation task and compare different variants. More sustainable and less demolition-new construction? A variant was created within 30 seconds. It provides insight into the effects of different strategic variants on both financial and social performance. In this way you are able to choose the optimal (portfolio) strategy, which is financially feasible.

The graphical possibilities make SAM also ideal for holding discussions with stakeholders about the choices to be made (or made). Finally, the use of SAM provides clear frameworks for asset management.

From portfolio management to asset management

As an asset manager, you have to realize the transformation task that follows from the portfolio strategy within the financial space you have. You do this by adjusting the complex policy in such a way that you achieve the goals every year.

In order to fulfill his or her task, the asset manager continuously analyzes the performance of the complexes, optimizes the policy and monitors the progress of the implementation of the policy. Ortec Finance SAM supports the asset manager in this. Past, present and future performance is shown at (sub) portfolio and complex level by means of interactive, graphical and numerical analysis options. This quickly provides insight into which complexes are performing well and which are poorly performing and for which complexes it is desirable to draw up an alternative complex policy. By calculating the alternative policy, it becomes clear whether the proposed policy fits within the social and financial frameworks. Moreover, by comparing the performance of the alternative policy with the performance of the current policy, substantiated optimal choices can be made.

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The benefits of SAM

  • Insight into social and financial performance
  • Extensive graphic overviews
  • Certified calculation rules from WALS and Ortec Finance TMS
  • Calculate quickly and vary with (complex) policy
  • Optimal integration with our other solutions
  • Fast implementation
  • Free access to SAM Presentation (in Dutch only)

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