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A solid treasury policy is indispensable for housing associations. To make the right decisions you must have access to complete treasury data in the proper form. The loans portfolio, liquidity position and cash flow expectations are just a few of the topics you need to manage.

Treasury offers up-to-date insight into your current and expected liquidity position. It enables you also to manage your loans and derivative portfolio. Extensive reporting capabilities such as valuation reports, risk reports and free-fall schemes are at your disposal. By importing account statements you always have a current view of your liquidity position and cash flows. In this way the expectation is connected to realization and you remain fully in control.

Treasury management is an important part of the integral financial and real estate platform. In order to conduct good treasury policy it is essential to have good insight into expected cash flows. Asset- and property development provide insight into the size and phasing of real estate cash flows.

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Key Features Treasury

  • Manage various loans and derivatives
  • Extensive reporting capabilities (free fall schemes, valuation reports, graphic reports, financing and interest rate risks)
  • Creating account entries and invoices for financial administration
  • Adequate cash flow management to check liquidity risk and optimize interest charges
  • Connect cash flow realisations to expected cash flows
  • Part of platform for integral financial and real estate operation

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