This year’s 2019 Annual Spring Pension Conference was held on 28 March Toronto Board of Trade in Lennox Hall. The event was hosted by Institutional Asset Management Committee. 

The event provided Institutional investors, asset managers, investment consultants, other institutional service providers with the latest updates on issues impacting the Canadian pension industry and markets where they invest.

This year Pieter Wijnhoven, Managing Director Ortec Finance Canada spoke at conference and was on the Climate Risk panel. In his presentation, Pieter gave insights on navigating climate scenario analysis, and its implications for strategic investment decision-making and risk management.

The presentation covered:

  • What does climate scenario analysis mean?
  • How to conduct top-down climate scenario analysis considering global warming pathways?
  • What are possible implications of systemic climate risks for my investment plan?
  • Is my investment strategy climate-change proof?


The Climate & ESG Solutions team at Ortec Finance specializes in integrating sustainability across our client's strategic investment decision-making process. To find out more click here.

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