Find out how Ortec Finance’s ClimateMAPS and its climate scenario analysis can help financial institutions understand their climate risk exposure. Learn how the forward-looking risk-return analytics generated by ClimateMAPS can effectively support an investment process.

Gain insights on Ortec Finance’s independent climate scenario analysis solution with a focus on:

  • The current regulatory approach and ongoing market developments
  • Its various forms of application across different types of financial institutions
  • Important considerations within its practical application
  • Its impact on investment decision-making and how to maintain its integrity

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About Climate & ESG Solutions

Ortec Finance’s Climate & ESG Solutions offers ‘The Compass’ alongside hands-on expertise to enable investors to effectively integrate climate risks and opportunities into their investment decision-making. Comprising of ClimateALIGN, ClimateMAPS, ClimatePREDICT and ClimateSIGNS, ‘The Compass’ generates quantified metrics and insights through independent and research-based climate knowledge, advanced models and innovative technology. Its customizable analytics help financial institutions measure, manage and monitor their climate strategy.

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