Real Estate Investment Management provides real estate institutions with technology and solutions, using leading software models, to enable people to manage the complexity of real estate and financial planning.

Real Estate Investment Management offers housing associations advanced models for creating and comparing policy scenarios. The intuitive software supports financial, real estate valuation and real estate management processes, which leads to efficiency and better real estate investment decision making. Complex calculations are performed quickly with certified calculation rules, always in accordance with the latest regulations. Accountability to supervisors, municipalities and tenants is therefore proven to be reliable.

Advanced models, simulation of policy scenarios, connecting financial processes, real estate valuation and real estate investment management processes, are proven to be reliable.


Throughout the year, housing associations are busy preparing financial reports, ranging from the multi-annual budget to the annual accounts and external reporting to the supervisors. Charting future cash flows and developments in property value are an essential part of this, because it's the basis for these financial reports.

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Real Estate Investment Management

We help more than 75 housing associations to professionalize their real estate management and offer software solutions and advice for portfolio management, asset management, real estate development and project calculations. Real estate management starts with the strategy; the portfolio management. We help associations to make a fast and reliable analysis, showing whether the desired transformation of the portfolio is feasible and whether it results in the social goals being reached. We support associations in improving building complex performance and transforming their portfolio in line with the strategy (sell, demolish, invest). We offer quick insight into well-performing and poorly performing complexes. In addition, we help associations to get to a grip on real estate projects with reliable project calculations and cash flow projections. We are your partner for the entire real estate pyramid.

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Frank  Vermeij
Managing Director Real Estate Management
+31 10 700 56 58
Marcel Straatman
Senior Consultant
+31 10 700 56 98

Different challenges, one solution

  • I need to value real estate in the most straightforward, transparent way possible

    Ortec Finance has been providing objective and reliable real estate valuations for over 25 years for WOZ-, vacant objects and the market value in rented state. We also provide comprehensive information on the development of prices at municipal, neighbourhood, zip code level and for various home types.
  • I need to find the right balance between the social, financial and real estate goals
    From an independent perspective we deliver high-quality and consistent solutions based on a combination of market knowledge, mathematical models and information technology. With these solutions, housing associations optimize their social, financial and real estate operational processes.
  • I want reliable project calculations
    I want to make project calculations that are controllable, manageable, uniform and free of errors.
  • I want efficient exchange between systems
    I want to be able to exchange information efficiently between systems, as the results of investment calculations are important input for the long-term budget, reporting to regulators/financiers and the project administration.
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