For over 25 years we have been supporting housing associations and municipalities with software, advice, and training. This ranges from charting cash flows and clear-cut and transparent real estate valuation, to supporting integral social and financial real estate management and WOZ-valuation.  

Real estate valuation

Do you know the current vacant possession value or market rent of your real estate? Your information is often outdated because real estate values are by definition subject to change. In addition, the quality and objectivity of valuations play an important part. With our Automated Valuation Model (AVM), Ortec Finance offers you a fitting solution which is based on more than 25 years of experience in model-based valuation and extensive market knowledge. From a statistical and scientific viewpoint, it's the most reliable valuation model available in the Netherlands and it's recognised by supervisors, mortgage lenders, valuers, and accountants. With AVM you always have an objective and current vacant possession value and market rent at your fingertips.

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Valuations within the framework of the WET WOZ are performed on an annual basis. The whole process of PMA, valuation, objection and appeals is time-consuming and expensive. OrtaX streamlines this process. Our valuation application supports municipalities in their WOZ-tasks. It's a unique application that links model-based valuation to excellent knowledge of computerisation and valuation. OrtaX allows you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and get a better grip on work processes. The practice-based software has been developed for municipal taxation purposes and fits seamlessly with your different work processes.

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Different challenges, one solution

  • I need to value real estate in the most straightforward, transparent way possible
    Ortec Finance has been providing objective and reliable real estate valuations for over 25 years for WOZ-, vacant objects and the market value in rented state. We also provide comprehensive information on the development of prices at municipal, neighbourhood, zip code level and for various home types.

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