At Ortec Finance, as part of the processes that we have in place to better understand what our clients think of us, our products, and our services, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey in the months of October and November. We are proud to announce that the survey shows very high scores for the fourth year in a row!

“We are very pleased to learn that, even after two years of finding ourselves in a pandemic, our clients are still happy about working with us and are still very satisfied. This gives us extra motivation to work towards continuous improvement of our products and services to better help our client base meet their goals. At Ortec Finance, we make sure that the insights derived from our customer satisfaction survey are translated into concrete follow-up actions and are extensively discussed both internally and with clients. Once again, we are very proud of these great results!”, commented Martijn Vos, COO of Ortec Finance.

All figures below indicate the percentage of respondents assigning us a rating of 6 or 7 on a 7-point scale.

Overall satisfaction

Overall, 92.3% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with Ortec Finance. Overall satisfaction is a very important KPI for us at Ortec Finance because it reflects all the work that every single employee puts in to ensure that our clients have a great experience with our products and services. We are very happy to learn that our clients enjoy working with us, and we will continue to strive to improve ourselves even more!


Satisfaction with Ortec Finance team

94.1% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with the Ortec Finance team they interact with. This result makes us incredibly proud, especially given all the challenges posed by Covid-19 when it comes to making business on a global scale. It is truly great to hear that our clients feel that they can rely on our expert employees even when we could not visit them face to face for so long. We cannot wait to meet all of them in person once again, as the world slowly re-opens.

Surveyed clients find that the Ortec Finance team they interact with performs very well on the following aspects:

  • 98% of surveyed clients find the Ortec Finance team can understand their requirements very well
  • 96.4% feel that the Ortec Finance people are very pleasant to interact with.


Product satisfaction

Ortec Finance products address a variety of use cases in the investment decision-making process and target the needs of clients as diverse as pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, housing associations, governments, banks, wealth managers, and financial advisors. The survey results show that, overall, 82.8% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with the quality and performance of Ortec Finance products. In particular:

  • Surveyed clients find that Ortec Finance products are accompanied by high quality support (90% of surveyed clients)
  • Surveyed clients have a high level of confidence in the results of the calculations (85.2% of surveyed clients).


Satisfaction with information and communication

At Ortec Finance we continuously aim to keep our clients informed of the most important developments taking place on our side, but also in the industries that we operate in. In the last two years, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we made sure to produce even more relevant and useful content for our clients. This effort was appreciated by surveyed clients: survey results indicate that 88.6% of surveyed clients are very satisfied with the information that we share with them


A loyal customer base built on mutual trust is what we take pride in. Therefore, we were very happy to learn that 88.7% of surveyed clients indicated that they strongly intend to continue working with us over the next years. Surveyed clients mentioned the high quality and reliability of our products, but also our expertise and professionalism, as the main reasons for remaining loyal to Ortec Finance.


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Charity donations: thanks for letting us help!

Surveyed clients could pick a charity out of a set of three, and our company made a charity donation for each completed survey. This year, we were able to support The Ocean Cleanup, One Girl, and Emergency. A big thank you to our clients for allowing us to do this!

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