Ortec Finance is a leading global Asset Liability Management (ALM) provider of software and consultancy services.

GLASS, our proprietary ALM simulation software, improves your financial decision making. GLASS offers a complete and consistent asset and liability scenario model, enabling institutional investors state of the art short- and long-term balance sheet simulations.

GLASS is applied within Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Sovereign Wealth Funds

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GLASS is Ortec Finance’s ALM and Strategic Risk Management software which is used around the world by pension funds, insurance companies and institutional investors including endowments, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and multinationals.

Define strategic policy framework
Define a consistent policy: quantify long- and short-term risk-budget reflecting your risk attitude and optimize your investment strategy.
Manage strategic risks
Manage your strategic risks by monitoring your ex-ante long- and short-term risk budget.
Consistent and granular modeling
Consistent assets and liability modeling with integration of your local regulatory framework. Granular asset class modeling which is highly configurable.    
Economic Scenario Generator
High quality Economic Scenario Generator which includes more than 400 variables both public and private asset classes across all major regions.
  • DSM

Added value of variable retirement benefit

Recently the variable pension law was passed, which allows participants in a premium contract or capital agreement to choose a variable, venture capital pension. 

Together with Ortec Finance, DSM tried to objectively compare the two variants, i.e. the Pension Fund variant and the variable retirement benefit, for the net pension arrangement with the specific composition and financial position of DSM, and to see where the added value lies.


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