Ortec Finance offers consultancy services and software for modeling a pension plan’s assets, liabilities, and policy instruments (for example, contributions) with our proprietary software GLASS.

As a pension fund, you need to manage your balance sheet effectively in order to achieve long-term objectives while dealing with short-term risks. You need to identify major risk sources and gain insight on future pensions, contributions, and funded levels. An Asset Liability Management (ALM) analysis aims to improve your understanding of pension dynamics to support strategic decision-making and help you achieve objectives that reflect the interests and risk appetite of all stakeholders.

Global ALM expertise

  • Leading Asset Liability Management provider for pension funds around the world
  • Extensive possibilities for dynamic investment strategy analysis, including derivatives (overlays), private asset classes, life cycle or target date funds, and more
  • Expertise in configuring specific pension scheme and valuation rules
  • Multinational approach enables aggregation of plans with differences in currency, accounting standards (IFRS, IAS, US GAAP and FRS) and regulatory requirements (nFTK, MFR, TLS, etc.)

Thorough risk assesment

  • Monthly and annual simulations support the complete Strategic Risk Management framework for long-term and short term strategy formulation and evaluation in a consistent way
  • One-of-a-kind dynamic scenario generator (DSG) and Ortec Finance Scenario set with global coverage of more than 600 economic variables and benchmarks


  • Sophisticated GLASS software and strategic pension advice, based on three decades of experience with our world-wide client base

GLASS software supports investment decisions

Strategic policy framework
Quantify your long and short-term risk-budget and optimize your investment strategy.
Strategic risk management
Manage your strategic risks by monitoring your forward-looking long and short-term risk budgets.
Consistent and granular modeling
Consistent assets and liability modeling with integration of your local regulatory framework. Granular and highly configurable asset class modeling.

Economic Scenario Generator
High-quality Economic Scenario Generator which includes more than 400 variables of both public and private asset classes across all major regions.

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