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The financial resilience of the social housing sector is under great pressure. Requirements to improve the existing stock, decarbonise and contribute to meet the need for new social and affordable housing, places significant pressure on financial positions. And this comes with a large volatility in the economy with high inflation rates, increased energy and building costs and rising interest rates.

We support housing associations with our financial forecasting models to improve their investment decision making and optimize their social contribution. Our services aim to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of decision making.

Our solutions for Housing Associations

Reliable, efficient, and transparent real estate valuation

Our leading automated valuation models (AVM) and Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisals (CAMA), enable real estate specialists to manage the complexity of real estate appraisals.

We offer scientifically based statistical (AVM) and automated (CAMA) valuation models. The intuitive software fits in optimally with the work processes of real estate specialists. Extensive bulk operations facilitate the process and ensure consistency. This means that real estate is valued periodically in a reliable, efficient, and transparent manner.

Real estate valuation

Do you know the current vacant possession value or market rent of your real estate? Your information is often outdated because real estate values are subject to change. In addition, the quality and objectivity of valuations play an important part. With our Automated Valuation Model (AVM), we offer you a fitting solution which is based on more than 25 years of experience in model-based valuation and extensive market knowledge. From a statistical and scientific viewpoint, it's the most reliable valuation model available in the Netherlands and it's recognised by supervisors, mortgage lenders, valuers, and accountants. With AVM you always have an objective and current vacant possession value and market rent at your fingertips.

Our latest Machine Learning model helps to unlock the data beneath the surface and gives additional insights to valuers. Helping them to double check existing values and add an additional sanity check.

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