Goals-Based Planning helps manage market uncertainty and the complexity of financial planning and empowers advisors to take an integrated, holistic approach to financial advice with OPAL Financial Planning!

OPAL Financial Planning translates clients’ goals into a personal & actionable plan based on a holistic overview of a client’s financial situation.

It provides realistic projections of how an individual client’s investment portfolio will grow over time, allowing for timely course corrections in case long-term goals are off-track due to changes in financial situations or portfolio performance. This solution supports clients and advisors to manage their long-term goals efficiently, while simultaneously increasing its probability of success.

OPAL Planning - Current Plan Dashboard

Key benefits

  • Forward-looking insights based on dynamic economic scenarios to support clients in their investment decisions, considering an uncertain market environment 
  • Fully integrated cashflow and wealth planning tool for a holistic view of the client situation
  • Monitoring client portfolios and goals at scale, alerting advisors when client goals are off-track
  • Hybrid advice-based approach
  • Scalable solution for all advice channels through APIs as well as a plug-and-play user interface
  • Fully compliant with legislation & regulations
  • Enhances client engagement whilst increasing client trust
OPAL Financial Planning Stats

Integrated Cashflow and Wealth Planning

Integrated cash flow planning allows to easily identify possible budget shortfalls or surpluses, which supports efficient decision-making. OPAL differentiates itself from all other financial planning tools by integrating the impact of investment risks on the realization of goals.

OPAL is commonly used in retirement planning (accumulation and decumulation providing insight into the longevity risk). A process to determine a suitable portfolio is integrated and in line with regulations. 


OPAL Planning Capital Economic Scenarios Chart

Unique analysis based on economic scenarios

The unique and powerful combination of dynamic economic scenarios, used and proven in the institutional market globally and adjusted monthly, with individual client portfolios and goals enables advisors to have a realistic view of future asset growth to monitor and manage client goals.


Financial Planning Goal Visibility

24/7 Monitoring, alerts and calls for action

As client’s financial situations or market conditions change, the feasibility of all client goals is automatically updated and support off-track signaling, with calls to action if needed. Continuous monitoring of the risks, return and financial goals of individual clients for the entire client base allow for proactive and more efficient client management.

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Scalable solutions for all advice channels

The OPAL Financial Planning solution is available through APIs as well as a plug and play user interface with alerts and optimization capabilities. 

OPAL Financial Planning API allows to implement the capabilities directly into existing platforms or client-facing web applications, supporting robo-advice client journeys, hybrid advisor experience or other technology platforms. The user interface can be linked to external data sources, supports single sign on and the look and feel can be adjusted to provide a seamless experience for the user.

OPAL Financial Planning is an easy-to-use solution for the advisor implementing a goal(s)-based advice in an efficient way. Our UI has detailed cash flow analyses supporting the definition of goals and translating these in an optimal investment strategy. These goals are monitored over time and supports the advisor in a pro-active approach to manage clients at scale. No need to build it on your own, just connect and go.


A few of our clients

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If you would like to receive more information, a demo, or have any questions, please contact us below.

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Don’t take our word for it! This is what our clients say...

With the OPAL-platform we offer a framework for client-central advisory process. This framework provides a consistent investment experience, which meets the latest regulations and leads to satisfied clients.
Albert van Zadelhoff, former Director Private Banking - Triodos Bank

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