‘Ortec Finance would like to emphasize that Ortec Finance is a software provider of technology and IT solutions for risk and return management for institutions and private investors. Please note that this information has been prepared with care using the best available data. This information may contain information provided by third parties or derived from third party data and/or data that may have been categorized or otherwise reported based upon client direction. Ortec Finance and any of its third-party providers assume no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any such information. Ortec Finance and any of its third-party providers accept no liability for the consequences of investment decisions made in relation on this information.

All our services and activities are governed by our general terms and conditions which may be consulted on https://www.ortecfinance.com/ and shall be forwarded free of charge upon request. Any analysis provided herein is derived from your use of Ortec Finance’s software and does not constitute advice as to the value of securities or the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities. All results and analyses in connection with Ortec Finance’s software are based on the inputs provided by you, the client. Ortec Finance is not registered as an investment adviser under the US Investment Advisers Act of 1940, an equivalent act in another country and every successive act or regulation. For the avoidance of doubt, in case terms like “client(s)” and “advisor(s)” are used in communications of Ortec Finance, then these terms are always referred to client(s) of Ortec’s contract client and its advisor(s).

Certain links in digital products or services from Ortec Finance, including but not limited to its website, lead to resources maintained by third parties over whom Ortec Finance has no control. Ortec Finance makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of, or any other aspect relating to, those resources.’

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