Banking for individual clients has evolved from a simple transactional business, focused on day-to-day banking, to incorporating a more comprehensive view of the clients’ total financial needs. Today’s clients are looking for integrated digital delivery, across multiple platforms, with or without direct human interaction, and with lower costs and more added value. A core part of this digital client experience is saving and investing for long term financial goals.

Support clients across multiple segments with investment decisions

Whether it’s saving for retirement, a major purchase or their kids’ education expenses, clients are looking for – digital – support and advice to help them make smart investment decisions. This should allow them to set goals, determine feasible objectives and select a portfolio that is most likely to achieve these goals. As market conditions and their financial situation change, clients are looking for timely advice – automated or supported by human advisors – to keep their goals on track.

Ortec Finance Solutions

The core business of Ortec Finance is the construction of global economic models that support decision making through market uncertainty. For more than 40 years, we have been doing this for the largest global institutional money managers. We apply these capabilities to individual client accounts to provide a realistic projection of how their portfolio will grow over time, and evaluate the feasibility to meet their long term goals. As the investment portfolio and the economic outlook change over time, the projections are dynamically updated and provide timely insight on how to keep goals on track.

Ortec Finance can connect institutional economic models to individual client goals and drive greater client engagement efficiently across multiple client segments and business models.

Discover our Solutions for this Industry

Goals-Based Wealth Management

Forward-looking insights into whether clients are on-track related to their investment objectives, to support timely advice, efficiently, at scale.

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Goals-Based Planning

Translate client financial goals into an optimal investment strategy that reflects their personal ambitions, cash flows and risk appetite and monitor the progress over time.

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Retirement Planning

Enable clients to fund their lifelong retirement expenses through an integrated accumulation and decumulation strategy or discover options such as early retirement or other financial goals.

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Different challenges, one solution

  • Client engagement
  • Digital and hybrid advice
  • Operational efficient advice
  • Product advice
  • Comply with regulation

I’m looking for solutions to increase client engagement and add value to both client and advisors

As fees are compressing due to new market entrants, client engagement is becoming increasingly important. Providing timely and insightful advice helps the advisor to add more value, support more clients, and as a result enable them to retain and grow their business.

OPAL Wealth OPAL for Salesforce OPAL Planning

I need to engage my clients through multiple online channels to keep up with digitization

To reduce costs, but also to keep up with the increasing demand for client facing digital tools around personal finance and investment, organizations need to provide their services through multiple online channels. This calls for fast and efficient insights making use of automated suggestions and advice.

OPAL Wealth OPAL for Salesforce OPAL Planning

I need to engage my clients by providing client-centric advice and simultaneously increase cost efficiency

Improve engagement and increase of the number of clients per advisor, calls for operational efficient tools that, at the same time, support personal insights into their financial situation. Dynamic updates of client and market information is essential to increase engagement in an efficient way.

OPAL Wealth OPAL for Salesforce OPAL Planning

I need to help my clients decide which investment product is most suitable to meet their long term goals

Helping clients which investment products is most suitable for their long term goals is a core objective of the advisor. Whether it concerns registered or tax sheltered products related to specific goals such as retirement or kids’ education or non-registered products, advisors have a need for tools that support these complex decisions.

OPAL for Salesforce OPAL Planning

I need to comply with regulation related to assessing the suitability and appropriateness of advice

Increasing pressure of regulation, e.g. MiFiD II, ESMA (Europe), FSMA (UK) but also up and coming in other regions, require investment advisors to assess the suitability and appropriateness of proposed investment products, based on a holistic overview of their clients.

OPAL for Salesforce OPAL Planning

  • Insinger Gilissen

We are not afraid to challenge each other

Tom Loonen of InsingerGilissen is convinced that the work of private bankers will not be made superfluous by digitization. Which does not take away the fact that digitization produces good tools that can help him facilitate customers.

“We appreciate that Ortec Finance positions itself as an independent party that also dares to pose critical questions about our governance, investment policy, and how we guarantee good risk management.”


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