Wealth management and retail banking firms face serious challenges. Regulatory pressure, digitization, and evolving business models lead to a new advisory landscape. In this changing business environment, you need to engage your customers by providing client-centric advice and simultaneously increase cost efficiency. Ortec Finance offers supports with various applications for Goal Based Planning.

This calls for the incorporation of online channels and automated advice into traditional banking concepts and triggers the search for the optimal hybrid advisory concept that meets the expectations of different client groups and increases client satisfaction.

What we are talking about is the optimal combination of online channels and/or well-equipped advisers. Ortec Finance provides financial institutions around the world with professional consultancy and software models for Goal Based Planning which enables them to engage their customers online, help their advisers to be more productive, and thus increase efficiency.

Goal Based Planning

The core business of Ortec Finance is to support smart and responsible financial decision making. We believe that financial goals form the basis of any financial advice. In order to make financial decisions, clients need insight into risk, return and the feasibility of their financial goals. A combination of cash flow planning and scenario analysis provides this insight by demonstrating the effect of investment decisions, changes in a client’s financial situation, and market developments on the probability of reaching financial goals.

Tailored to your client proposition

In advising Retail, Mass Affluent or (U)HNWI clients, the complexity level of communication and the efficiency of the advisory process varies. Our solutions deliver this information and can be tailored to your unique proposition, reflecting specific clients and the processes you want to convey. Our key objective is to reduce the complexity of financial decision making and enable individuals to reach their financial goals.


Discover our solutions for banks

Goal Based Planning

Translate personal goals into an optimal investment strategy by using OPAL for your goal based strategic planning and goal based investing

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Wealth Planning & Monitoring

How will various circumstances effect my wealth planning?

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Retirement Planning

Retirement investment strategies

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Climate & ESG solutions

Integrate sustainability across your strategic invesment decision-making by using our Climate & ESG Solutions

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Real Estate Valuation

Reliable, efficient and transparent real estate valuation and taxation

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Different challenges, one solution

  • Easy integration
  • Real-time web service
  • Proven ALM techniques
  • Scientifically based market value

I want a solution that can be easily integrated with my existing business processes

Our financial advice tools are easily integrated with your existing business processes and directly contribute to a structured and efficient process that is compliant with (inter)national regulations. Risk and return are communicated consistently across the entire product range and communication channels, resulting in a consistent investment experience. It increases the likelihood of meeting your client's expectations and improves business retention.

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I want a solution which delivers real-time web service and fast performance

OPAL is a web-based tool which delivers real-time web service and fast performance. It also ensures effective implementation of MiFID and ESMA or local guidelines.

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I want a solution based on proven asset and liability management techniques

Our solutions are powered by the Dynamic Scenario Generator (DSG), Ortec Finance’s core stochastic scenario generator. This powerful stochastic projection engine generates real world economic scenarios that reflect plausible future developments and are construed from sophisticated analysis of historical behaviour.

Our solution is based on proven asset and liability management techniques that are widely used in institutional investments and which are crucial for supporting and improving investment decision making. High quality scenarios lead to better information and better investment decisions. They help your clients to set realistic long-term and short-term goals and enable active monitoring of strategy and goals. Benchmark selection is customizable and results in scenarios that are in line with your investment strategy.

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I want to have a scientifically based market (rental) value of my collateral at any time

The statistical and scientific automated valuation model (AVM) of Ortec Finance can quickly, efficiently, objectively, and accurately determine the market value and market rent of your properties. This assessment is achieved by means of a hedonic regression model. As such, based on all realized transactions in the Netherlands, a model that can determine the market value is estimated monthly. By approaching the value from different angles, we are able to supply the reliability and risks of the objectively determined value along with the valuations. In the calculations, we take into account the number of transactions, the distribution within the transactions, and the time period between the most recent transaction and the current valuation date.

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  • Insinger Gilissen

We are not afraid to challenge each other

Tom Loonen of InsingerGilissen is convinced that the work of private bankers will not be made superfluous by digitization. Which does not take away the fact that digitization produces good tools that can help him facilitate customers.

“We appreciate that Ortec Finance positions itself as an independent party that also dares to pose critical questions about our governance, investment policy, and how we guarantee good risk management.”


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