Working at Ortec Finance also means working in a continuously innovating world where science, academics and mathematics dominate, since models are key in helping Ortec Finance’ clients with complex financial decisions. Because that’s what we love: giving our clients the best advice possible. Where the daily job is very in-dept, based on evidence and relevant for society. It means a job that matters. Where the learning curve is steep; we learn something new every single day. And we need to, because continuously innovation is key. Especially in a fin tech world. We don’t necessarily follow all conventions. Because yes, we are a bit rebellious too.

  • Linda Knoester
  • Brenda van Hal

"Our goal is to wake up investors to the risks of climate change and motivate them to invest in sustainable solutions.”

My name is Linda Knoester. I started working at Ortec Finance 2 years ago. Before I started, I had no idea what it would be like. I did not know anything about financial models. 

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"Achieving improvements on my passion, coding, as well as on my social skills, means a lot to me"Brenda van Hal

When I started at Ortec Finance in 2019, it felt like I came home: my team gave me such a warm welcome. I was extremely motivated to learn everything that crossed my path, and even though I had not that much experience in programming, they immediately trusted me to do work I had never done before.

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What we do

We enable companies to manage their investment decisions.

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Our core values

We believe that by adhering to our deep-rooted core values, it is possible to build a successful business. Our values are:

  • Believe in models
  • Continuous innovation
  • Independent & reliable
  • Personal initiative and helping each other
  • Long-term relationships

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Our application process

You probably want to know what to expect when you apply with us. We always strive for a careful and smooth selection procedure. Learn more about our application process:

Ortec Finance application process



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