Working at Ortec Finance also means working in a continuously innovating world where science, academics and mathematics dominate, since models are key in helping Ortec Finance’ clients with complex financial decisions. Because that’s what we love: giving our clients the best advice possible. Where the daily job is very in-dept, based on evidence and relevant for society. It means a job that matters. Where the learning curve is steep; we learn something new every single day. And we need to, because continuously innovation is key. Especially in a fin tech world. We don’t necessarily follow all conventions. Because yes, we are a bit rebellious too.

  • Alexandar Lalicic
  • Amin Noori
  • Aris Krasniqi
  • Michelle Li
  • Brenda van Hal
Guy Gerards

“Most junior roles seemed far too one-dimensional. In this Ortec Finance really stood out for me.”

My name is Alexandar Lalicic and I recently finished my traineeship within the Investment Performance (IP) department.Upon completing my studies,
I was still a bit unsure about exactly what kind of work I wished to do.

I knew I had a broad interest in software development as well as financial analytics,
but my main concern was that most of the junior roles offered by other companies in the financial sector seemed far too specialized/one-dimensional.
This was where Ortec Finance really stood out for me.

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Amin Noori"Our main priority is to support clients in extracting the insights they need to answer critical questions that shape their strategic investment decisions."

Hi, my name is Amin Noori, and I have been working as a consultant within the UK Pensions Strategy team in London since 2021. After studying Economics and Finance abroad in the Netherlands, with a stop-off in the US,

I found Ortec Finance the perfect spot to expand my knowledge and further my career. The ability to work with some of the most sophisticated financial institutions and learn from the brightest minds mean that every day is an enriching learning experience.


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"One of my personal goals is to keep learning, growing and to become a specialized consultant in
Real Estate Valuation."

My name is Aris Krasniqi. I joined Ortec Finance in 2021 as a Junior Consultant Real Estate Valuation.
In the very first month I was able to contribute to the implementation of our main product for a
couple of new clients.

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“Being able to work with a team of intelligent individuals, humble at the same time, is probably the best part of my job”

My name is Michelle Li. I joined Ortec Finance at the start of 2021. Prior to joining Ortec Finance, I worked at a major bank and another fintech provider in both Hong Kong and Australia.

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"Achieving improvements on my passion, coding, as well as on my social skills, means a lot to me"Brenda van Hal

When I started at Ortec Finance in 2019, it felt like I came home: my team gave me such a warm welcome. I was extremely motivated to learn everything that crossed my path, and even though I had not that much experience in programming, they immediately trusted me to do work I had never done before.

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What we do

We enable companies to manage their investment decisions.

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Our core values

We believe that by adhering to our deep-rooted core values, it is possible to build a successful business. Our values are:

  • Believe in models
  • Continuous innovation
  • Independent & reliable
  • Personal initiative and helping each other
  • Long-term relationships

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Our application process

You probably want to know what to expect when you apply with us. We always strive for a careful and smooth selection procedure. Learn more about our application process:

Ortec Finance application process



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