Hi, my name is Amin Noori, and I have been working as a consultant within the UK Pensions Strategy team in London since 2021. After studying Economics and Finance abroad in the Netherlands, with a stop-off in the US, I found Ortec Finance the perfect spot to expand my knowledge and further my career. The ability to work with some of the most sophisticated financial institutions and learn from the brightest minds mean that every day is an enriching learning experience.

What I like most about my job

Working as a consultant at Ortec Finance has given me the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. From the onset, I was given responsibility and was involved in high profile projects. In my first month, I was able to contribute on a project that assessed the impact of de-risking strategies on the funding level of a major British retailer’s pension fund, which was a great learning opportunity. Besides this hands-on experience, I am surrounded by colleagues who are at the forefront of the latest scientific research within the industry. This combination of theory and practice, means that I am continually being challenged and forced to step outside my comfort zone – helping me grow on a daily basis.

How I am able to reach my personal goals

Very soon after joining, I realized Ortec Finance is more than just an employer, but very much a family. The firm continually pushes you to learn more and helps you on your journey to reach your personal goals. From an academic perspective, I am able to pursue professional qualifications such as the CFA, CAIA, FRM etc. On top of this, I can expand my horizons by working on projects across departments (I have already worked with the Climate and ESG team), and/or working abroad at one of our international offices.

Amin Noori

Amin Noori
Consultant Pensions Strategy

How we help our clients

The Pensions Strategy team helps institutional investors make more informed investment decisions with the use of our stochastic modelling tool, GLASS. We provide advisory services and licence the GLASS software to our clients, guiding them on how to use it. As an independent firm, we are agile and able to quickly adjust our model assumptions and functionality to meet client needs – something you will quickly learn as a consultant. Our main priority is to support clients in extracting the insights they need to answer critical questions that shape their strategic decision making.

The Pensions strategy department

Ortec Finance’s Pensions strategy department provides GLASS software licences. GLASS is Ortec Finance's Strategic Risk Management and ALM software for pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. As well the department provides advisory services to many companies around the world.

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