We combine independent, research-backed climate change & ESG knowledge, advanced financial models, and innovative technology for:

  • Climate scenario analysis
  • Climate-aware Strategic Asset Allocation & ALM
  • Alignment to Net Zero emissions reduction targets
  • Forward-looking extreme weather risk
  • TCFD disclosure
  • AI-driven ESG analytics 


Ortec Finance has developed five tools to support you as an investor to navigate climate change

These tools offer economic and financial insights into your investments’ vulnerabilities and opportunities - and how to act on them. Insights are quantified and expressed in financial metrics for easy integration into your investment decision-making & reporting frameworks. Our tools can be integrated into software, implemented separately, or utilized in various combinations depending on your specific needs.


The Compass - Climate & ESG Solutions

Climate MAPS: Maps out your portfolio's exposure to systemic economic and financial climate risks. Read more
Climate SIGNS: Signposts the world's actual climate trajectory. Read more
Climate PREDICT: Assesses your real assets' exposure to future extreme weather events. Read more
Climate ALIGN: Monitors portfolio alignment with net-zero emissions by 2050. Read more
ESG RADAR: Alerts you to material ESG breaking news. Read more

Our Mission

Climate & ESG Solutions was established within Ortec Finance in 2018 with a view to integrate sustainability into Ortec Finance’s technology and solutions for risk and return management. Climate & ESG Solutions is co-headed by Lisa Eichler & Willemijn Verdegaal. Find out more about our values & vision in this video.

Interested in learning more about our diverse team of climate, ESG, technology, and financial specialists and what drives them? Watch our team video here.

For an overview of our solutions, please download our leaflet:

Download leaflet


If you would like to receive more information or have any questions, please contact us below.

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