Navigate a changing climate with a suite of complementary solutions that integrate climate risk and opportunities into investment decision-making.

The science on climate change is clear. Centuries of intensively burning fossil fuels to industrialize and modernize our economies has resulted in a build-up of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. This is trapping too much of the sun’s energy, which is causing the planet's temperature to rise and its climate to change at a faster rate than previously recorded.

In addition to warmer summers and winters, climate change is evidenced in the increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, the melting of the ice caps and rising sea levels. Human kind stands at a crossroad: either unprecedented steps will be taken to limit GHG emissions, or the physical impacts of climate risk will place the livability of the planet at risk. One thing is clear, both paths will likely cause socio-economic and therefore, financial disruption.

Ortec Finance’s Climate & ESG Solutions offers ‘The Compass’ alongside hands-on expertise to enable investors to effectively integrate climate risks and opportunities into their investment decision-making.

Comprising of ClimateALIGN, ClimateMAPS, ClimatePREDICT and ClimateSIGNS, The Compass generates quantified metrics and insights through independent and research-based climate knowledge, advanced models and innovative technology. Its customizable analytics help financial institutions measure, manage and monitor their climate strategy.

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All four solutions utilizes climate scenarios which reflect independent views and consistent assumptions and and deliver customizable analytics to help financial institutions measure, manage and monitor their climate strategy.

It contains solutions that meets TCFD disclosure standards for reporting obligations and complies with mandatory regulatory reporting frameworks around the world.

Logo Climate Align

Monitors portfolio net-zero alignment by 2050.

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Logo Climate Maps

Maps portfolio risk and opportunities using climate scenarios.

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Logo Climate Predict

Assesses real assets’ exposure to extreme weather risk under distinctive climate scenarios.

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Logo Climate Signs

Signposts transition progress and physical risk developments against climate scenarios.

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