Support for integral social and financial forecasting

The financial resilience of the social housing sector is under great pressure. Requirements to improve the existing stock, decarbonise and contribute to meet the need for new social and affordable housing, places significant pressure on financial positions. And this comes with a large volatility in the economy with high inflation rates, increased energy and building costs and rising interest rates.

We support housing associations with our financial forecasting models to improve their investment decision making and optimize their social contribution. Our services aim to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of decision making. Making use of our own economic scenario model that will help to stress test your financial plan and challenge the golden rules.

Optimize social contribution

From an independent perspective, we deliver high-quality and consistent forecasting models based on a combination of market knowledge, research, and information technology. With our solution we not only take financial metrics into account, like interest cover and gearing for example. But we also look at the non-financial performance indicators to challenge your decarbonise, Homes Standard and fire safety strategy all in one. You can look at your investments using different valuation principles and making the best decision to optimize your social goals and manage your financial risks.

30 years experience

We have been supporting housing associations in the Netherlands for over 30 years with software, advisory services, and training. Our models are fit for purpose and our people are highly experienced to deliver high-quality services. In the Netherlands, 280 housing associations with around 2.1 million objects use our services.

Why choose for us

  • A perfectly integrated and complete solution for financial planning, real estate management, and real estate valuations
  • Solution that is fit for purpose (widely used, reliable, good performance, social housing fundamentals)
  • Our customer-oriented and knowledgeable staff
  • Continuous improvement of our solutions through ongoing research
  • Financial forecasts as well as insight into financial risks based on our economic scenario models

Discover our solutions for housing corporations

Financial Forecasting

Make your financial plan and compare different investment strategies and on top of that, add our sophisticated economic scenarios to stress test your plan. Discover our financial forecasting model for housing associations.

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Stress Testing

Improve your stress test by making use of economic scenario model and investigate the risk drivers for different investment strategies.

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