Being you at Ortec Finance is Ortec Finance’s commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and respectful environment and providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Here at Ortec Finance, we believe that developing a workforce which reflects our diverse customer base and the communities in which we operate is not only the right thing to do, but key to helping our organization thrive. We are convinced that diverse teams with an inclusive work culture strengthen our organization and allows us to support our clients in the best way possible.

Guiding principles

Motivational environment

We believe enabling everyone at Ortec Finance to perform at their best while being themselves, is fundamental to our continued success. We foster a motivational and respectful working environment for our people, customers, contractors, and others.

Different perspectives

We believe more diversity leads to better decision-making, creative problem-solving and enhanced innovation. We encourage diversity of thought and personal initiative. We stimulate our people to be courageous and give each other space to see and do things differently. We offer room for open and constructive discussions.

Great people.

We believe in building a diverse workforce by optimizing the human capital available to the organization. We hire great people from a global job market and offer equal opportunities to applicants of all backgrounds. We offer all our people opportunities for development and strive towards a diversity of thought at all levels.

Responsibilities and execution

Everyone at Ortec Finance has a role in undertaking this commitment. Our executive team, supported by the HR department, will ensure these guiding principles are upheld. We will be focusing on:

  • Raising awareness among our people so we can all recognize and actively foster an inclusive working environment. Encouraging our leaders to act as role-models and facilitate an inclusive and safe work environment within their own teams. Firmly advocating for an inclusive work environment, devoid of any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying, and inspiring everyone to actively foster such a culture.
  • Ensuring the diversity and inclusiveness of our organization remains on the agenda. Appropriately addressing, in a timely manner, any behavior not consistent with this commitment and/or other related policies.
  • Integrating diversity, inclusion and equality initiatives within existing policies and decision-making processes (e.g. promotion, hiring, development, pay).

More information?

For more information, please contact our HR department through

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