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OPAL Wealth uses realistic portfolio projections of institutional quality. These projections are based on monthly updated economic scenarios for more than 700 asset classes that can be linked to client financial goals. OPAL Wealth enables banks, advisors and wealth managers to provide forward-looking projections of client portfolios and assessment of long term financial goals. The tool also enables them to monitor its progress efficiently through dynamic updates that track the conditions and outlook on financial markets.

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Available as plug and play UI or flexible REST API

OPAL Wealth can be deployed as a plug and play user interface that supports advisors to efficiently support their client base with forward looking portfolio insights and timely advice. The user interface can be linked to external data sources, supports single sign on and the look and feel can be adjusted to provide a seamless experience for the user.

OPAL Wealth is also available as a high speed REST API, which enables organizations to implement the capabilities directly into existing platforms or client facing web applications, e.g. to support robo-advice client journeys, hybrid advisor experience or other technology platforms such as CRM, Portfolio Management or Financial Planning software.


  • Forward looking portfolio Projections
  • Linking multiple accounts
  • Automated suggestions
  • Advisor Dashboard

Forward looking portfolio Projections and insights into risk and return based on more than 700 global asset classes.

Portfolio projections


Linking multiple accounts to multiple goals and insights into feasibility of client goals.

Multiple accounts

Automated suggestions to improve goal feasibility, based on a target probability or priority of goals.

Automated suggestions


Advisor Dashboard with daily updated monitoring for signaling off track client goals.

Advisor Dashboard

Discover our Goal Based Wealth Management solution

Forward-looking insights into whether clients are on-track related to their investment objectives, to support timely advice, efficiently, at scale.

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