As an independent specialist, Ortec Finance provides the Ortec Finance Scenarioset (OFS) and the Dynamic Scenario Generator (DSG) - the software for calibrating, modifying, generating and analysing OFS. The OFS provides consistent, realistic and up-to-date stochastic scenarios with a worldwide coverage for long, medium and short term horizons. The OFS underlies all forward looking solutions of Ortec Finance, for institutional as well as private investors.

Using scenario models helps people and organizations to become more successful in achieving their goals because of the consistency, objectivity, transparency and efficiency that working with proper models in a proper way can bring (Read more in white paper “Relevance of scenario models”). Over the years, scenario analysis has proven itself to be an essential method to support investment decisions and the monitoring of those decisions. Besides the OFS for realistic real-world scenarios, Ortec Finance also provides outstanding risk-neutral scenarios for valuation purposes. OFS contributes to better investment decisions and enables people and organizations to become more successful in achieving their goal.

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Key features

  • Uncertainty and risk: a realistic and up-to-date reflection of how the future might (not will) unfold
  • Consistency: consistent scenarios for long, medium and short-term investment decision making
  • Coverage: available for the end of every month, for horizons from one month to decades and with a worldwide coverage of more than 600 risk drivers
  • Methodology and software: unique frequency domain methodology implemented in the Dynamic Scenario Generator (DSG) software
  • Guidance: extensive economic and financial market guidance and full transparency
  • Views: clients can incorporate own risk and return assumptions in a consistent way
  • Continuous improvement: bundles 30 years of innovation and experience and is continuously tested and improved

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