Ortec Finance has partnered with Dutch MLOps startup Cubonacci to enhance their portfolio of IT solutions with machine learning capabilities. As the primary use case, Ortec Finance has leveraged the Cubonacci platform to facilitate the development, deployment and maintenance of machine learning models in OrtaX, their flagship real estate valuation solution for municipalities.

Ortec Finance has a suite of financial technology products to help their clients with managing complex investment and financial decision-making. Statistical models and machine learning solutions play an increasingly important role in providing their customers with accurate and detailed information to act on.

"We looked for a platform that enables us to test new ideas and trading off different models. Cubonacci’s test suite delivers the architecture to be able to maintain short development cycles and to be able to turn the developed models into a production ready API in just a few clicks. What really stood out for us was the ease of deployment, the audit trail and the expertise that Cubonacci brings together with its platform." – Frank Verbeek MSc, Team Leader Solution Engineering at Ortec Finance.

Many companies in the Netherlands struggle with properly applying machine learning to improve decision-making. Cubonacci is a Dutch technology startup that has built a solution to support companies like Ortec Finance to achieve the efficiency and the confidence for machine learning in production done right. OrtaX (link in Dutch only) valuates over 2.3 million objects for municipalities in the Netherlands. Ortec Finance is constantly trying to innovate to make the valuation process more efficient, enabling customers to improve the quality of their services. The Cubonacci MLOps platform aids in rapid iteration and allows Ortec Finance to implement and deploy the latest cutting edge algorithms from the R&D lab to the production environment. After a successful roll out other products in the suite of Ortec Finance will be connected to the platform to help improve the performance of the different models used.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Ortec Finance which will lead to further developed and improved MLOps in practice. Cubonacci can offer a lot of value to the FinTech market and the success of this partnership will help consolidate our focus on the challenging efficiency and reliability requirements of financial models.” – Jan van der Vegt, CEO at Cubonacci.

If you would like to learn more about Cubonacci or the partnership with Ortec Finance, please contact Jan van der Vegt at jan.vandervegt@cubonacci.com.

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