We proudly present the evolved PEARL software solution, PEARL 8. PEARL is a solution for performance measurement, attribution, ex-post risk and GIPS composites, used worldwide by leading asset owners and asset managers. 


The new PEARL 8 is the result of years of industry experience, input from existing clients and the anticipation of changing needs among performance teams. PEARL 8 features a completely redesigned web-based user interface. High volumes of data can be efficiently managed using only an internet browser, while intelligent automated data checks alert users on potential data quality issues. Intuitive wizards enable performance teams to efficiently configure a wide range of attribution models.  

Optimized workflow

Elske van de Burgt, Managing Director at Ortec Finance, commented:

The pressure on performance teams is ever increasing, not only to deliver more complex analytics but also to do this in an efficient and cost-effective way. PEARL 8 has been developed in close cooperation with our existing client base. Our goal was to develop a solution that enables clients to optimize their workflow and efficiently share the results of their analytics with the various stakeholders within their organization. I’m extremely happy with the end result and excited to bring this to the market as of today.

Evolution opposed to a revolution

Hicham El Bonne, Product Manager at Ortec Finance, added:

Our strategy has been an evolution of our successful PEARL product, as opposed to a revolution. With the release of PEARL 8 we offer a new performance measurement experience; users can unlock the power of our advanced analytical models with the ease-of-use of a modern day app. Although our focus was on creating efficient workflows and user-friendly interfaces, we purposely did not compromise on our traditional strengths. PEARL remains the leading solution to build a comprehensive performance book of records and to analyze the most complex investment strategies, including multi-asset portfolios and overlays.

Master the complexity of decision-making

In addition to its revamped user interface and workflows, PEARL continues to offer integrated reporting solutions via its self-service Web Portal and Excel add-in. Together with the highly qualified people that implement the solution globally, PEARL helps our clients to master the complexity of investment decision-making and improve their performance.
If you want to join us for a webinar to learn more about the latest enhancements to PEARL or see a demo, find out more here.

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