Find out how climate scenario analysis can specifically help financial institutions understand climate change’s impact on investments.

Climate scenario analysis is a powerful tool that helps organizations learn how climate change could impact their business model, strategy and financial performance.  

From a financial institution's perspective, it can also specifically help them understand the impact of climate change on their investment portfolio. This targeted understanding requires the quantification of the potential financial impacts via key economic and financial metrics, such as GDP, inflation and asset class risk and return under different plausible climate futures. 

Within this context, our webinar will explain climate scenario analysis and the associated elements required for financial institutions seeking to achieve this particular objective. We will answer the follow questions: 

  • Why is it important to explore different climate pathways? 
  • What and how should climate risks be incorporated? 
  • How to interpret any views and assumptions 

As climate change will impact all investments, this webinar is also relevant to non-institutional investors.

This webinar took place on Thursday 15 February, A recording of the webinar is available for download.

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Additional information 

Learn more about the essentials of climate scenario analysis.

Learn more about our Climate Scenario Analysis Solution - ClimateMAPS

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