July 7 and 8 Elske van de Burgt presented Ortec Finance's methodology on how to deal with investment performance attribution in large, complex, multi-asset class, overlayed investment portfolios. Around 70 invest performance professionals from around the world attended the webinar.

Elske illustrated precisely why straightforward top-down and bottom-up attribution calculations do not capture what is really going in in your portfolio and that you won’t be able to allocate the attribution of each investment decision that was made, unless you apply a decision based attribution approach.

Are you interested in the Decision Based Attribution webinar presentation and (re-)viewing of the recording? Find out Ortec Finance’s approach on how to answer questions such as: Did my rebalance strategy play out well? Did the hedging serve its purpose? Did managers stay within their mandates?

If you would like to see the recording and receive the presentation, please send an e-mail to Maurits van Joolingen via Maurits.vanJoolingen@ortec-finance.com

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