Our Climate & ESG Solutions team will be hosting a climate risk workshop for pension funds and insurance companies during London Climate Action Week 2024.

Climate change is an increasingly important and complex risk factor that will impact all investors globally, including pension funds and insurance companies.

On Wednesday 26 June, our Climate & ESG solutions team will be hosting ‘Barometer’ during London Climate Action Week 2024 under their key theme – “Moving finance in service of climate action at a global scale”.

Attendees will gain insights from our climate specialists and other special guest speakers on various climate-related investment and risk topics specifically tailored for pension funds and insurance companies. These range from how to assess the market implications arising from climate-related physical and transition risks to emerging investment opportunities within the renewable energy and low carbon technology sectors.

The three-hour afternoon workshop held in the City of London will include dedicated breakout sessions followed by networking drinks at a stunning rooftop location, providing sweeping panoramic views of London’s skyline.

This is a free event but registrations are essential and subject to confirmation.

Event details:

  • Wednesday June 26
  • 2pm – 5pm (followed by networking drinks)
  • Location: City of London (venue details will be provided upon confirmation)
If you have any questions about the event, please contact Annie Lo

Register here

Session topics and speakers

Uniting investors to achieve climate resilience and mitigate financial disruption

Sid Miller, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Climate change is one of modern society’s greatest challenges and the decisions made by investors, who are key stakeholders of the energy transition, will substantially influence its outcomes and impacts worldwide. The actions from banks, insurers, pension funds and other institutional investors will have the ability to collectively trigger widespread financial and economic opportunity. In the greater interests of the global community, can all parties do more to collectively understand risk and invest in resilience to uphold stability in markets and the financial system?

In our opening keynote, our special guest from CISL will provide a thought-provoking perspective how key investors could further unite to take a proactive approach to achieving climate resilience and collaboratively reduce long-term economic impact.

How should investors consider the pricing-in of climate-related physical and transition impacts?

Bert Kramer, Head of Climate Research, Ortec Finance

From an investor’s perspective, there are pressing concerns regarding the extent of climate change’s impact on asset performance and valuations across both short and longer-term outlooks. How are climate risks currently being priced-in, and does this differ between geographies as well as ‘brown’ and ‘green’ assets? How might the pricing-in of long-term physical impacts materialize, and should investors overlook or incorporate these risks, which might extend beyond current investment horizons into their ALM? What actions should investors take to prepare for pricing-in, either gradual or abrupt, market overreaction and sentiment shocks?

Key investment trends in renewable energy and low carbon technologies

Janos Hidi, Principal Economist for Sustainable Investment, Cambridge Econometrics

Without taking focus away from climate risks, are investors overlooking the significant investment opportunities that could emerge from the world’s decarbonization journey? Our strategic partner, Cambridge Econometrics, will share their latest insights on emerging investment trends across a number of renewable energy and low-carbon sectors including hydrogen, solar and carbon capture storage (CCS) technologies.

Breakout session (Insurance) - As climate change alters liabilities for insurers, do investments alter too?

Bronwyn Claire, Climate Science Lead, Ortec Finance

In the face of escalating natural disasters, extreme temperatures effecting health, and liability pressures on directors, insurers are confronted with shifting liability risks. Should investments keep pace with the change, front run or catch up? The session will explore emerging liability trends driven by climate change and provide insights into innovative risk assessment methodologies and mitigation measures that can be used in investment decision-making.

Breakout session (Pensions) – The fiduciary duties of pension funds to address climate change

Brendan Walshe, The Pensions Regulator

Pension funds are operating under increased scrutiny when incorporating sustainability and climate change in their investment decisions. As key participants in much wider financial and economic networks, how can pension funds positively contribute towards transitioning the economy while adhering to their fiduciary duty and maintaining stable returns? In this interactive session, our special guest from The Pensions Regulator will discuss how pensions funds can seek to navigate this challenge and facilitate the opportunity for participants to share their experiences with their industry peers.

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