Joris Cramwinckel is to speak at Red Hat Summit’s Cloud & Infrastructure track about Leveraging Kepler Metrics in Managed OpenShift: Navigating towards Carbon-Aware Scheduling and Reporting.

High-performance computing / Carbon-aware scheduling

In his contribution, Joris introduces Sailfish, a high-performance computing framework built by Ortec Finance that operates natively on Kubernetes. Utilizing RedHat-supported operators like AMQ Broker and KEDA, Sailfish efficiently handles distributed computations on a container level. The framework harnesses the flexibility of public cloud providers for Virtual Machine provisioning.

What sets the current work of Ortec Finance apart, is its integration with Project Kepler metrics, enabling carbon-aware scheduling and reporting.

Attendees will learn how combining Managed OpenShift with Kepler's environmental metrics can pave the way for more sustainable, efficient, and responsible computing operations.

Interested in attending, or learning more?

The Summit is held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, ticket information can be found here. Or contact Joris via the contact details below, if you’d like to learn more about this subject.

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