Ortec Finance, the leading global provider of risk and return management solutions for those managing investment assets, has partnered with Conquest Planning, a technology platform modernizing financial planning with customized and convenient advice, to further enhance its market-leading platform that empowers financial advisors and their clients to build personalized, adaptable financial plans. 

Using stochastic modelling, Ortec Finance, whose clients have over €4 trillion in assets under management, will provide further integration of institutional-grade investment knowledge into Conquest Planning’s solution. This will enable more realistic asset class return projections, and greater insight into the impact of financial market volatility on investors’ financial plans, delivering enhanced advisor support and improved client outcomes.  

Conquest Planning, whose platform is used by wealth advisors and their clients in Canada and the U.K., and will soon be available in the U.S., says with financial markets becoming more volatile and increased globalization, investors need greater access to the latest and most advanced technology and stochastic modelling to develop a better understanding of the risks facing different asset classes, and investment portfolios. 

“When constructing a financial plan, it’s critical to use evidence-based return rate assumptions. Our partnership with Ortec Finance allows us to provide more effective return rate assumptions that gives our customers the ability build more efficient plans that model real life scenarios,” said Ken Lotocki, Chief Product Officer, Conquest Planning. “Creating a plan deterministically, then layering in volatility based on a multi-trial simulation based on well-researched benchmarks, puts us best-in-class from a quality and performance standpoint. Our customers who choose to leverage the Ortec Finance asset allocation data can benefit from receiving data from an industry-leading source to craft effective, holistic financial plans.” 

“We are delighted to be working with Conquest Planning. They are recognised globally as one of the best and most advanced platforms for financial planning, with market leading analysis and reporting. As markets and asset classes become increasingly complex and potentially more volatile, investors need even more data and analysis to help them make the right decisions,” said Neil Greenbaum, EVP Sales & Partnerships North America at Ortec Finance.


For more information, contact:  
Phil Anderson 
Perception A for Ortec Finance PR. 
phil@perceptiona.com  / 0044 7767 491 519 

Will Ruben 
StreetCred PR for Conquest Planning 
william@streetcredpr.com / 847 208 8289 


About Ortec Finance 
Ortec Finance is the leading provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management. It is Ortec Finance’s purpose to enable people to manage the complexity of investment decisions.  
This is accomplished via the delivery of leading technologies and solutions for investment decision-making to financial institutions around the world. Ortec Finance’s strength lies in an effective combination of advanced models, innovative technology, and in-depth market knowledge. This combination of skills and expertise supports investment professionals in achieving a better risk-return ratio and thus better results. 
Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Ortec Finance has offices in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Zurich, New York, and Melbourne.

About Conquest Planning 
Conquest Planning is Canada’s leading financial planning software company with a purpose-driven approach to delivering financial advice. The product-led company is built on the foundational belief that every single person deserves access to great financial advice. Users of Conquest Planning leverage its intuitively designed product, simple onboarding process, and data-driven artificial intelligence to accelerate the delivery of beautifully designed, hyper-personalized financial plans. Established in 2018, Conquest Planning was founded by a team of financial technology veterans whose track record of success spans over 30 years in the financial planning software space. For more information, follow Conquest on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 


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