Chief Investment Officer (CIO) published its 10th annual list of the world’s most influential investment consultants and advisors. All in their top 20, including Martijn Vos, were recommended by respected CIOs. Each year, CIO asks a varied group of respected chief investment officers and allocators which consultants and advisors have “done right by them” for the current markets. 

CIO published an interview with Martijn Vos. To CIO’s question “What changes are you making to your asset allocation advice”, Martijn Vos replied: (fragment) “Central to our asset allocation advice is a risk/return trade-off in the context of the specific goals of the asset owner. Climate change and ESG are included consistently in this trade-off. Traditionally, the strategic asset allocation (SAA) defines the large chunk of risk and return, which is why we consistently propose a top-down approach to asset allocation. With climate and ESG integration, top-down is still relevant (the Canadian economy is impacted differently than the UK economy), however this is not enough: Bottom-up elements should be included as well to assess, for example, the physical impact of climate change of a specific investment. So we add bottom-up “alignment” to the approach.

“What do you think will be the biggest innovation in your industry in the next 10 years?”, Martijn: “Over a 10-year horizon, strong underlying trends are more important than market conditions. Innovation will be linked to those trends (mostly adjacent and core innovation), but we will also see innovation that comes from other industries. Core innovation will be linked to smarter/faster data gathering and data analysis. The CIO will be more and more supported by machines to receive early indicators or early warnings from artificial intelligence (AI)-type models. This addresses another important point: data availability and data quality.

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You can read the full interview with Martijn Vos here.

For CIO’s announcement, please click here.

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