PEARL 8.4 will be released at the end of October. This release contains a number of workflow enhancements, as well as some other new features.

This release contains a number of workflow enhancements improving efficiency and making the user experience more intuitive, as well as some other new features.

Workflow enhancements

Ortec Finance defines the performance measurement workflow as the steps needed to go from processing raw input data to the distribution of validated performance reports. Within the PEARL context, this workflow can be summarized in the six steps below:

PEARL 8.4 provides useful new functionality for the ‘Investigate’, ‘Act’ and ‘Confirm’ steps:

  • The user interfaces for the Checks section in the Web Portal are completely redesigned
  • The new Check overview page provides a dashboard containing relevant information on the status of the automatically executed data and configuration checks, see the picture below. This intuitive overview enables users to quickly identify and navigate to the issues that require action
  • Another useful new feature allows the user to click directly from a generated check result to the problematic data or configuration. This makes the process of investigating and correcting issues more efficient
  • Finally, functionality becomes available for system operators to sign off on the status of data and configuration in the system. This status is also visible in the reporting module.

Other new features

Besides the workflow enhancements, highlights of other new features in the 8.4 version include:

  • Extended functionality for measuring performance of illiquid assets (Hedged IRR, PME+, PME*, Direct Alpha, Multiples)
  • Support for annualized attribution effects and contributions
  • Support for conditional derived properties (defined based on IF-THEN-ELSE logic on other properties).

Please contact us for a full overview of the release content or for scheduling a demo.
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