Ortec Finance, a leading provider of technology and solutions to support risk and return management for investors, has appointed Hens Steehouwer as Chief Innovation Officer to lead the innovation of its suite of solutions for institutional, private wealth and real estate investors globally.  

One of the responsibilities in this newly created role within Ortec Finance’s executive team will be to integrate its leading climate risk capabilities into its long-standing risk and return management solutions. This initiative will enable financial institutions to make more informed and effective investment decisions and moves to address a gap in current risk and return modeling which doesn’t put enough emphasis on climate-related transition and physical risks. 

Hens joined Ortec Finance more than 25 years ago and was part of the founding team of Ortec Finance when it established itself as a separate entity from Ortec in 2008. He has held a number of senior roles and led many strategic and R&D projects, notably the development of Ortec Finance’s Economic Scenario Generator, the underlying risk model of Ortec Finance’s asset liability management and private wealth management solutions utilized by investors in 20+ countries.  

Commenting on his appointment, Hens Steehouwer, Chief Innovation Officer at Ortec Finance, said: “Investors face an unprecedented set of challenges as they adapt investment portfolios to manage the potential impact of climate change on future returns. To support them, we are actively implementing a number of improvements to our solutions, one of which is to integrate our narrative-based climate scenarios and traditional stochastic economic scenarios, creating an integrated combination that provides clients with one of the most advanced strategic risk management tools on the market.” 

Ton van Welie, Chief Executive Officer at Ortec Finance, added: “This role, following the recent appointments of Linda Hooft, Tessa Kuijl and Nicole Veenstra as Managing Directors, is key to ensuring we continue to provide our clients with the most accurate and relevant investment risk and return analytics available in the market. Not only by integrating climate risk more broadly into our solutions, but also by harnessing the opportunities created by advances in AI to enable our clients to make better investment decisions in the increasingly complex environments that they operate in.” 
For more information, contact:
James Verstringhe,
Tavistock Communications
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