Scalable solutions for all advice channels

All functionalities are offered through API’s as well as a web based advisory tool for financial advisors. From client intake and risk-profiling to (online) client reporting and proactive monitoring – OPAL advisory tool supports all stages in a goal-based advisory process. To achieve the most realistic outcomes, the projections in OPAL incorporate inflation risk, currency risk and different investment strategies. Benchmark selection is customizable resulting in scenarios that are fully in line with your firm’s investment strategy.

Client-specific information such as (international) taxes and cost of services are also considered. Clear visual aids help clients and advisors better understand their options.

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Institutional-grade economic scenarios

Scenario analysis helps the client to decide if the risks taken are acceptable and enables the advisor to properly manage the client’s expectations. High-quality scenarios lead to improved insight and subsequently to better investment decisions. OPAL Platform is founded on proven asset and liability management techniques from the world of institutional investments and gives access to the Dynamic Scenario Generator of Ortec Finance. This powerful stochastic projection engine generates real-world economic scenarios that reflect plausible future developments and are built on sophisticated analysis of historical behaviour, honed by over 35 years of serving the world’s leading institutional markets.

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APIs for calculation & optimization

The OPAL Platform supports the digital global trends trend by offering access to OPAL Engine through three API modules hosted in a private cloud (SaaS) or on-premise including  Wealth planning and Optimizer & automated advice.

Our API’s are flexible and easily integrated into existing architecture, guaranteeing real-time web service and fast performance. It also supports hybrid solutions and delivers an optimal base structure for omni-channel strategies. The output can be used for online client applications ranging from Robo investment platforms to holistic wealth planning and monitoring.

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24/7 Monitoring, alerts & calls for action

OPAL platform facilitates all steps in a client-centered advisory process including continuous monitoring. A clients financial situation  and goals are automatically managed and monitored. Advisor and/or client receive relevant information on impact of changes in financial situation on the feasibility of goals, with calls for action if needed. Continuous monitoring of the risks, return and financial goals for individual clients as well as the entire client base allows for proactive and more efficient client management. Permanent monitoring simultaneously increases trust and satisfaction of the client and, as a consequence, positively impacts business retention.

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Global solution local implementation

The OPAL platform is implemented in different countries. Our tooling offers multiple language packages and country specific products. A multi-currency approach delivering insights into currency risks and several tax regimes are in place, which regularly gets updated and  validated by external experts.

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Integrated cash flow & wealth planning

OPAL wealth planning optionally offers a cash flow planning tool. It enables integrated cash flow planning for easily identifying possible budget shortfalls or surpluses, which supports efficient decisions.

The combined approach creates a clear picture of the development of a client’s personal financial situation and can be used to answer multiple client questions. For example: How much money is needed to achieve a desired retirement income? How is a donation plan affected by investment returns and inflation risk?
OPAL differentiates itself from all other planning tools by integrating the effect of investment risks on the realization of expenditure goals.

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